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Kari Lake Runs Campaign Ad Slamming “Lamestream Media” During “Fake News” Shows Compelled To Run It Under FCC Guidelines

Trump-endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake‘s first television campaign advertisement will only run during news shows on news stations across Arizona. The news outlets Lake calls “fake” will be required under FCC guidelines to air the commercial.

PHOENIX, AZ – Kari Lake, former television news journalist turned politician and a Republican candidate in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election, recently unveiled a new campaign commercial that she intends to air on new programs across her state that takes a shot at the so-called “fake news” networks.

Lake – politically aligned with Donald Trump, who has endorsed her – worked at Phoenix television station KSAZ-TV for 22 years before stepping down from her anchor role in March 2021 and announcing her run for office.

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Her campaign video advertisement, entitled “Rigged Elections Have Consequences,” is highly critical of the mainstream media for not seriously covering the allegations of former President Donald Trump and other conservatives that the 2020 election was won via voter fraud.

The commercial also delves into the negative consequences the election had for the United States – such as rampant illegal crossings at the southern Mexican border and a 40-year high inflation rate – and ends with Lake promising to turn things around in Arizona if elected to the governor’s office.

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According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – Section 312(a)(7) of the Communications Act and Section 73.1943 of the Commission’s rules – commercial broadcast stations are required to “provide reasonable access to candidates for federal elective office.” Therefore, the very same “fake news” media that Lake is calling out will be compelled to run her campaign advertisement.

In Lake’s commercial – which began airing statewide on February 21 – Lake says the following:

“I’m Kari Lake, the Trump-endorsed candidate for governor. If you’re watching this Ad right now, it means you’re in the middle of watching a fake news program. You know how to know it’s fake? Because they won’t even cover the biggest story out there, the rigged election of 2020. And rigged elections have consequences. We’re all feeling it. Soaring prices, a spike in homelessness, and an invasion on our border. I’m the only candidate with a plan to tackle all of those issues and more. When I’m Governor I will finish the wall and criminals who cross our border will be sent back. We’ll get the homeless out of our parks and off our streets, and no more masks, swabs, or shots to go to work or go to school. Our kids will get a real education, not a brainwashing. To see where I stand on all the issues go to KariLake.com. Now let’s send the corrupt news the lesson and turn them off.”

The Gateway Pundit relaying the following statement by Lake prior to her ad going live:

“My first TV Ad, titled “Rigged Elections Have Consequences” airs this Monday! And it will ONLY air during fake news programs,” she said. “I am not a conventional, boring Politician so it should surprise no one that I don’t have conventional, boring campaign ads. If the Fake News refuses to tell the truth, it’s up to us to do so. I am the only Candidate with bold solutions to the problems we face and I lay many of them out in our first ad. Get ready!”

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