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Letter to the Editor: Thank you, to, ‘HENRY MUTEBE: My lessons from Norway’

By Michelle Marie McMillen

Mr. Henry Mutebe, I was brought up, to think and act, just the same as these people whom you have written about in “Norway”. I stumbled across the article while researching my great-uncle, “Henry Olson”. Owner of Railroads, Anheuser Busch, mines, plantations, are a few of the businesses he owns. He passed away in 1978. One week before my birth.

I am looking for his wealth, in hopes to find enough to pay for a lawyer to retrieve my children from the County of San Bernardino. State of California, United States of America. My children have been beat, abused, left in the care of a VIOLENT SEXUAL OFFENDER OF CHILDREN… They have been abused beyond, belief! Yet, the system will not return them to me, because they say that there is a “SLIGHT CHANCE”, that they could possibly suffer abuse, by being placed with me.

Their reports repeatedly state that I am the best mother that there ever was or could be… but that they can not take the chance of returning them home to me. So… I can not commit subside… God will NEVER FORGIVE ME. Aside from that, I continue to pray, for that one day, God will have mercy upon us, and “HE” will send them back home to me, where they belong.

Every shred of evidence I find that could possibly put enough money in my pocket, to hand over to an attorney, in exchange for my children, has been stolen. There is no one who will help me. It would not be right for me to ask my family. I do not want to burden them with my problems.
I need to get to the point of this email… (Sorry!)

Your story has inspired me… SIC YEARS LATER, to,

* Stop acting like the people I am dealing with…
* I “KNOW”, that it will happen, not even one millionth of a second, before “God’ chooses it to happen…
* I have to work harder…
* I have to begin to smile again, because, my smile bleeds into my soul. ….and that is the saturation I have been lacking, for FAR TOO LONG!!!

I just wanted to share that with you. Thank you, so much! You lit a fire in me, a fire I’d almost lost.
Thank you.

I pray, that God continues to bless you, and your life. You are truly a beautiful treasure, sent from God. I can not thank you enough… Don’t stop writing. …EVER! Please, there are “many more” lives, like mine, for you to save. Your writing is obviously anointed. God bless you, sir, and take care of yourself. Amen, my prayers for you wil be answered……


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