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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan: Judgment Day, No Deals

Ottawa, Canada

The ongoing protests in Ottawa, Canada are inspiring others all over Europe and around the world to build and plan their own ‘freedom’ convoys to demonstrate against pandemic measures and vaccine mandates—and also to voice their disapproval against other Socialist/Communist/Marxist doctrines that have taken over in some, if not most, countries, including the United States. File photo: Darryl Barton, Shutter Stock, licensed.

GREEN BAY, WI – Either you are doing your own research on credible outlets other than main stream media, in terms of the vast swelling of chaotic worldwide events, or you are ignoring the activities in an effort to ‘wish them away. But it won’t work.

Critical mass has been reached worldwide. The ongoing protests in Ottawa, Canada are inspiring others all over Europe and around the world to build and plan their own ‘freedom’ convoys to demonstrate against pandemic measures and vaccine mandates—and also to voice their disapproval against other Socialist/Communist/Marxist doctrines that have taken over in some, if not most, countries, including the United States of America. 

Other countries instituting their own trucking convoys include Italy, Australia, Spain, United States, Netherlands, and more. This is no longer a protest for freedoms/rights. This is a war against tyranny, make no mistake about it. Also of interest, the Canadian Military now has stated that it will not intervene!

Morever, Tucker Carlson of Fox News, a respected political news commentator who does his research, recently said that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is likely exactly who reports have said that he is: Fidel Castro’s son!

It would seem that the people of Canada have discovered this shocking tidbit, and now realize that they have been infiltrated by Socialist/Communist policies—and their trucking convoys illustrate to us that they want no part of it! Just like Adolf Hitler, Trudeau received only 33 percent of the popular vote, and yet he is using that to try to turn Canada into a fascist dictatorship.

Indeed, it appears clear that Trudeau either will have to resign, or face the people of Canada and their wrath.  He can’t stay in hiding forever. And by the way, Trudeau is the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to run into hiding from his own people!

Now, in delving into the economic issues in America and throughout the globe, the people of the world are now getting hit with inflation and higher fuel costs. This will only get worse. Indeed, food prices are on the rise in the United States, and the temporary decline of fuel costs has come to an end.  In addition, Tyson just hiked their prices, and Goldman Sachs currently is reporting that they have never seen anything like this—and also that there are shortages everywhere.

Remember when Trump warned us back in 2020 that the people would be brought to the precipice and then demand change? This news on staggering inflation is yet another one of his predictions coming to full fruition.

Moreover, the central banking system, which has been based upon debt and penalizing the people, is about to disappear. And as spiraling inflation and other factors cause the central banks to collapse, they will take the money system along with them.

Soon the old money system will be obsolete. Not to worry, however, as the white hat alliance has developed a new money system that will be the exact opposite of the old and corrupt one. This new money system will be called the Quantum Financial System.

Now as the American economy under Biden and the central bank are falling apart, We the People are watching it all.  Meanwhile, the job numbers are in, and the manipulation is off the charts, in terms of the Deep State’s efforts to try to make it look like the economy is recovering. Many economists warn that trouble lies ahead for the world in the form of a depression that will be much worse than what happened during the 1930’s.

Economist Michael Snyder, who often writes about the dire state of the U. S. economy, recently sounded an alarm about the inflation numbers for December 2021, which showed the consumer price index rising by a whopping 7 percent.  He concluded his article, “The Dollar Has Entered A Death Spiral, And A Lot More Inflation Is On The Way,” with these words: “This truly is the beginning of the end for the U. S. economy, and I would recommend that you prepare accordingly.”

Really, it’s only a matter of time before this turmoil explodes in the U. S., and brings the world’s economy down with it. Sadly, this already has started to happen.

On the global stage, Biden also continues to fumble in maintaining a ‘strong American front’ to the world,’ as he waives sanctions on Iran’s civil nuclear program, and also removes some tariffs for China—this as we see Iran continuing on with its nuclear weapon development, and also China’s ongoing threatening of Taiwan by sending warplanes toward the island nation.

And we all remember, too, how Biden unwittingly approved Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, while simultaneously shutting down America’s Keystone pipeline. Now old Joe finds himself asking both Russia and China for gas for America. It doesn’t take an experienced Military strategist to figure out that this most definitely presents an existential threat to United States security.

Furthermore, Russia continues to amass considerable Military might on its border with Ukraine, which is also putting a great number of troops on its border. The tensions in this area increase by the day, with some NATO nations sending military help and rumors that the U. S. will send over eight thousand troops into the conflict. No one knows ultimately what will happen here, but it sure seems like it could easily spark a major war in the near future.

As well, there is some fear that the rising hostilities between the U.S. and Russia, which are related to the conflict in Ukraine, will cause Putin to launch an attack on American soil. We also see that Iran continues to pour missiles and weapons, along with many soldiers, into Syria. Additionally, Turkey and Russia maintain a significant Military presence there.

At this point, let’s bring to mind the Ezekiel prophecies on The War of Gog and Magog, where a collusion of Russia, Iran, Turkey, and several other countries attack Israel. Israel of course ends up being saved by the Lord, Who steps in against all odds to save them. But we already see Russia, Iran, and Turkey lining up in Syria, so this war could break out at any moment.

Indeed, the ‘wars and rumors of wars’ that Jesus said would come about in the last days most definitely are here!

And what about the increase of pestilence that Jesus also warned would happen as time winds down on earth?  COVID-19 is the biggest pestilence to ever hit this planet, and it was manmade! We also hear whisperings that there is weather-inducing technology, whereby earthquakes and the subsequent floods can be created and manipulated. Some say that the La Palma Volcano, located in the Canary Islands, that erupted quite recently was just such a manipulated weather event—and that the white hats performed a maneuver that subsequently shut the volcano down.

This is very interesting information, to be sure.  We have to, of course, vet our sources for credibility, but this report does seem to be very plausible, since there has been weather-manipulating technology available since the 1950’s. Now, while we all probably thought that the plagues during the Tribulation to come were produced by Almighty God, could it be that at least some of them are manmade—where man himself is destroying his fellow human beings?

Only time will tell. But what is obvious is that God is revealing the evil and filth that has been ‘behind-the-scenes’ prior to now. This evil includes a large number of elites who worship Satan and would like to depopulate the world and then rule just the few remaining people—with the probability of turning even those lingering few people into trans-humans.

Sound incredible?  Research Catherine Austin Fitts, who at one time served as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. You will find many interviews with this woman on the subject of ‘Mr. Global’ and depopulation, where she asserts that this evil Global Cabal/Deep State would not only like to downsize the population—but also would like to create robots, and use robotics for everything. This evil Cabal feels that in this way, they can have a very healthy and luxurious life without all of the management headaches—that they then would not have to manage the world’s population.

Ms. Fitts also says that this elite Global Cabal is very/very afraid of the general population, because the population may find out the secrets that they are keeping—and that these evil ones are especially afraid of those in the United States of America, as Americans have guns and they have an attitude, whereby the Patriots will not allow their cherished freedoms to be taken.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic was used to further the agenda of these wicket elites worldwide.  One can research evidence of this in Robert F. Kennedy’s recent book entitled The Real Anthony Fauci:  Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.  Kennedy explains how, through funding leverage and cautiously cultivated personal relationships with heads of state and leading media/social media institutions, the Pharma-Fauci-Gates alliance exercises dominion over global health policy.

This book also details how Fauci, Gates, and their cohorts use their control of media outlets, scientific journals, key government and quasi-governmental agencies, global intelligence agencies, and influential scientists and physicians to inundate the public with fearful propaganda about COVID-19 virulence and pathogenesis—and to muzzle debate and mercilessly stifle dissent.  Further information on this malevolent scheme can be found in this article posted on Red Voice Media entitled “Military Vax Data Rocks DC:  Catastrophic Injury Toll Exposed At Sen. Johnson Hearing.”

But on a much more encouraging note, it looks like America, and even more so other countries worldwide, are realizing how their governments are using the COVID pandemic to further their overall control of the people that they govern. In the United Kingdom, for example, certain government officials are facing a police investigation over the COVID vaccines.

Additionally, Japan actually suspended 1.63 million doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine after finding contamination in them! Other countries that are ending or reducing COVID-19 restrictions include Australia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, and France.

United Patriot

Likewise, on the world stage, we see that the World Council for Health is calling for an immediate stop to the COVID-19 experimental vaccines. Indeed, the people of the entire world are waking up and starting to understand that the PCR test is flawed and cannot determine whether one has COVID-19, the flu, or the common cold. Their fake science policies are not making any sense.

Nonetheless, the alliance of white hats is very effectively countering every desperate move that the Cabal makes to cover its tracks. These white hats include the United States Military, along with the Pentagon and Space Force—and also certain Asian elders and benevolent European nobility.

In terms of the loyal United States Military who are courageously stepping forward for the cause of freedom, they now are stationed in Antarctica and at Mount Cheyenne in El Paso, Texas—and they know exactly who their Commander-in-Chief is!

Everyone needs to do their own homework, with regard to which media outlets are credible, but it would seem that reliable news sources agree that the Rothschilds—once part of the evil Global Cabal and now headed by Nathaniel Rothschild—have acquiesced to this brave white hat faction and subsequently agreed to stay out of politics.

It also appears that there is a worldwide manhunt for the Rockefellers—also a part of this wicked Global Cabal—whose front man running their nefarious plot to depopulate mankind is none other than David Rockefeller, Jr., rumored to be Hillary Clinton’s father.

Servants to the Rockefellers run the United Nations, the World Bank, NATO, the Fortune 500 companies, the pharmaceutical companies, and the medical establishment. Reports are that the heads of these organizations were appointed, not elected. Thus, when the white hat alliance wins this global ‘information war’ as expected, the Rockefellers will be bankrupted. This means that all of the Rockefeller’s power centers will revert to the control of We the People.

Even if the Rockefellers manage to get their cohorts in the Chinese Communist Party to hand over more of the Chinese people’s money, that still will not save them. We know this because the Chinese Communist Party is now facing economic problems of its own, due to some ill-advised real estate investments. We also saw that China put messages in their newspaper telling people to go out and buy as much food as they can for this winter.

And then there is the November, 2021 Presidential election fraud that President Trump has been bringing up lately on his official ‘From the Desk of Donald J. Trump’ website. Trump knows he must show the people how he believes the cheating occurred, with evidence, as once the people see it, it is ‘Game Over.’

Trump is prepared and ready to push the truth and facts out into the public realm with his new ‘TRUTH Social’ platform. Trump knows that states will end up decertifying once they see the massive evidence that the Military has on election fraud.

Truly, ‘Checkmate’ is approaching in this war of good versus evil. This is not a conventional war, but instead is an informational war. And the next item on Trump and the white hats’ agenda is the takedown of the corrupt main stream media. We already saw the recent downfall of CNN and even its worldwide President. Interestingly, the new owner of CNN is a Trump supporter, so this story should take on a life all its own.

Indeed, the dominoes also are falling at MSNBC, and other tainted news media outlets also will face their demise in the very near future. The people now are aware of the misinformation that many of these outlets knowingly spread for many/many years.

And let’s not forget about the ongoing Durham report, which was delayed due to COVID-19 concerns.  Trump sent out a recent message letting everyone know that Durham has more, and that he is going to produce it soon. The truth and facts will emerge in their entirety, but as of now, Durham just released a statement that the Clinton camp gave funds toward infiltrating Trump’s server during the campaign season—and also that it spied on Trump while he was President! This is huge, and definitely, as Trump asserts, goes above and beyond Watergate.

Of course, the Global Cabal/Deep State is scrambling, trying to find something on Trump in order to counterattack. They are using the same playbook as they did for their ‘Russian collusion hoax,’ where the information is meaningless, yet they try to make it look like they have ‘dirt’ on Trump.

Yet Trump continues to slide along, confident that Almighty God will see him—and America’s cry for their return of freedoms and rights—through ‘til the end of this journey.

Trump’s recent tweets prove that fact. One of them was a photo of Trump pointing to a sign that says ‘Donald Trump is still your President.’ We also saw him post a picture of a box with the White House, where Trump writes ‘I still have the key.’

Then, one of his next posts messaged “I’m coming, don’t worry.” This was followed by “I know everyone is growing very impatient waiting for the injustice of 2020 to be fixed. Unfortunately, this isn’t a quick job.  It takes time and lots of hard work. But I promise the Truth will all come out, and they won’t be able to continue to ignore it.”

We also saw some fascinating messages on Trump’s Telegram account. One said “Vamos, Brandon!”  Another messaged “The great unraveling of lies has begun.  Brace yourselves.” This was followed by “Checkmate”—short, but oh-so-powerful!  Trump also posted a yellow road sign that says ‘STORM COMING.  WARNING.’ Later on, he messaged “Love the sound of those dominoes falling!!! Sounds like…VICTORY!!!”

And yet another message on Telegram showed a photo of Trump displaying his watch, while he was flashing the ‘Victory’ sign with his hand.  And then there his ever-mysterious “Don’t worry, I have a trump card.” Hmmmm…. Moreover, we all know that Trump’s faith and relationship with His Lord and Savior has become the center of his existence, and this was reflected in this following message of his: “I LOVE JESUS CHRIST!!!”

This is not the same man who entered the White House in 2016. Not even close.

It is also good to remember that this is not simply about a four-year election. Trump has endeavored, and is succeeding, in destroying the entire Global Cabal/Deep State system. There will be equal justice under the law. The evil ones are hanging onto their last bit of power. Thus, this has become a battle that all are seeing, up close and personal. The truth and facts will emerge, as we see the floodgates about to burst at the seams.

Yes, The Cabal’s narrative for the pandemic, Ukraine, and everything else is falling apart. They are in panic mode, as they know that the people have turned on them, that they do not have the narrative, and that they are going down—and fast.  The Deep State is no longer in control—they are no longer calling the shots.  The Patriot white hats have them right where they want them. Justice/judgment is coming….

Look up the size of Guantanamo Bay before Trump’s tenure, and then look at how its size increased considerably after Trump enlarged it. Why do you suppose he made it so enormous? Again, justice is coming….

Now, on another note, just how long with Almighty God leave Believers in Christ on earth, now that the rampant evil has been revealed to all? Only He knows. For now, we Believers continue to spread ‘Jesus and the Cross,’ His Gospel message.

We do this because although judgment is coming for the Global Cabal, we Believers know that God’s Great Tribulation is right on the horizon, and then His White Throne Judgment—the latter of which determines where one will spend Eternity.

What we are seeing on earth right now, in terms of the widespread Satanism and wickedness, is similar to what happened during the fall of the Tower of Babel as recorded in the Holy Bible. Back then, the people of Babel decided to make a tower that would reach the Heavens—which displeased the Lord, so he confused their language and scattered them abroad over the face of the earth.  So, they were confused and thus stopped building.

Today, we see that the elite Global Cabal Satanists also want to be God, to play God—and to depopulate the human race down to a certain number over which they can rule as dictators. Just like the Babel story, these Satanists today—and there are reported to be about 1 million of them—are being exposed and look to be going down.

Yes, it looks like their ‘tower’ will not be completed as long as the Restrainer/Holy Spirit, which dwells inside of Believers in Christ, remains on this fallen planet. How will this end?  In this supernatural battle of the elite Global Cabal/Deep State versus We the People—or more aptly described as Satan versus Almighty God—we know that God wins in the end. But the winning strategy is firmly held only in the mind of God.

The elite Global Satanists have decided to put their throne above the Throne of the Lord God Almighty.  And we all know exactly how God reacts to this type of evil, as we see in Psalm 2:4: “He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision.” God worries not one whit, but has His ultimate plan of judgment, in His perfect timing.

And if you think President Trump’s ‘trump card’ that he is about to play against these evil ones is anywhere near the realm of what God’s judgment will be on this new breed of Satanists, you’ve not read the Book of Revelation.

Most assuredly, when we see what happens to these vicious enemies, we will be tremendously shaken to our very core—and these debaucherous Satan worshippers will rue the day that they decided to take from We the People that which was given by the Hand of God. But at that point in time, it will be too late—and there will definitely be no deals….

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