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Op-Ed: Casualties Of Government Schools Are Victims Of Malpractice


The victims of our U.S. educational fiasco are not the schools, teachers or even the parents. The real casualties of not receiving a quality education are our children and thus, overall society. File photo: Drazen Zigic, Shutter Stock, licens

SPRING, FL – Our government schools have lost touch with their mission. The government education system has become beholden to teacher unions and administrator demands. The dedication to educating the children of the local community has been forgotten. In the past there was a direct relationship between parents, teachers and students. Currently parents are kept in the dark about their children’s education in the classroom.

Today with government federalizing of our school system, there is a wider discontent between families and government schools. History, cursive writing, civics, traditional math, science, and God have been eliminated from our classrooms without regard or consent of the families. Even parental permission for administering vaccines, counseling for sexual gender acceptance and abortion is being removed. The government education top-down approach has created a one-size-fits-all that dismisses the individual needs of students even teaching anti-white CRT without parental approval. Virginia Governor Younkin and others have banned teaching the CRT radical agenda. Terry McAulifie the former Governor running against Younkin stated: “I Don’t Think Parents Should Be Telling Schools What They Should Teach.”

Too many parents are resigned that government schools are no longer there for the child’s interest, only the teacher and administrator self-interest. The gap between the government schools and the parents has increased so rapidly that families no longer view government schools as their own. Some school officials are sufficiently arrogant to state: “if you don’t like what we are teaching, go to a private school.” Being shut out of their local supposedly “public schools” is causing alienation of parents and students to feel any personal connection with the institution where the child spends most of their day.

Currently the Coronavirus is used as an excuse for closing down most activities including many government schools. This was done although school age children have only an infinitesimal chance of getting the virus. The closing down of schools has impacted not only the students’ psychological and sociological health but also their future educational proficiency and opportunities for employment.

Before the corona virus epidemic in our government schools, it is current knowledge that the U.S. at best placed average in international testing scores while spending more money per student than any other country in the world. The awful results of the nation’s government education system is a disgrace to our nation especially to our children. The lack of skills and knowledge in math, history, writing, civics and general knowledge is appalling especially after devoting so much of our local tax dollars on government education.

United Patriot

The dumbing down of our schools has been has accelerating starting in the 1960s. It is no joke the latest excuse for the lack of quality education has been the Coronavirus. Excuses are a dime a dozen, but they do nothing to remedy the depressing educational deficits in the United States government education.

The victims of our U.S. educational fiasco are not the schools, teachers or even the parents. The real casualties of not receiving a quality education are our children and thus, overall society. Without educated young adults, the future is bleak, our economy is weak and our Constitutional Republic is in grave danger of totalitarian take over.

The new SEL, Social-Emotional-Learning emphasis that has been endorsed by our federal department of education will not change the decline rather it will accelerate it. The new approach will emphasize social-emotional factors, not critical thinking. The government school is replacing traditional families, which taught moral values, common sense and a host of discipline and relationship skills. This SEL curriculum will raise physical and sexual abuse, drug addiction, racial tension, LGBTQ confusion through indoctrination based on ideology not educational excellence. This will do nothing to teach the child to be an independent learner.

Logic and critical thinking that originated with the Greek and Roman Empire will be removed as an essential traditional element, the bedrock of western civilization. In its place there will be curriculum that emphasizes social-emotional learning. This will be a revolutionary attempt to eliminate the importance of historical events and the ability to understand and predict future events. The ability of students to think well on their own is declining and would allow a powerful central government to have less citizen opposition. This is the recipe for totalitarianism.

The educational system is the cornerstone of a strong nation. Our children cannot be sacrificed for political transformation of our great free nation into a centrally controlled one. Our children and nation are becoming casualties of a communist movement that disregards excellence for mediocrity. Our children’s future and our destiny will fade into a dysphoric nightmare. Bring back comprehensive subject matter, thinking skills and the knowledge to maintain our freedom.

The real issue is who should oversee the education in the United States: children, parents, or a communist system of indoctrination, which will be dictated by the government.

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