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Russia-Ukraine War: Tales of hope, courage, and brotherhood stand out amid devastation


War brings devastation. Every war since man first took up arms against their brethren has been accompanied by death, devastation, and melancholy.

But wars also throw up stories of incredible heroism and resolve, tales of overcoming the odds for love and brotherhood. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the subsequent counterattack by the Ukrainian army and civilians who have taken up arms to defend their motherland has thrown up similar tales of heroism in the face of despair. Social media is flooded with these stories of gritty determination. While FE Online has not independently verified the authenticity of all these claims, some are worth looking at.


As the Russian army ploughed through Ukraine, forcing many people to flee their homes as refugees, the image of a man bidding an emotional farewell to his daughter in Kyiv has emerged as an enduring symbol of affection amid turmoil.

In a video posted on Twitter and shared several times, the teary-eyed man is seen kissing his crying daughter. The man also breaks down and weeps unconsolably as he hugs his daughter one last time before helping her onto a rescue bus for civilians.


Despite his country going on the offensive against neighbours Ukraine, Russian tennis star Andrey Rublev won the hearts of fans across the world with a pointed anti-war message. In a brief clip following Rublev’s upset win over Poland’s Hubert Hurkacz in the semi-final of the Dubai Tennis Championships on Friday, Rublev wrote on the courtside camera “No war please”.

Tennis player Andrey Rublev, world No. 7 and Russian No.2, writing “no war, please” on the camera after his Dubai semi-final win earlier today (he also spoke out yesterday against the invasion) pic.twitter.com/Ked03XYjyA

— Hannah Jane Parkinson (@ladyhaja) February 25, 2022

He also shared his views in a presser where he said his match was not important, adding that what was happening was much more terrible. He added it was important to have peace in the world and to respect each other and be united.


As Russia bombarded Kyiv on Friday night, a miracle unfolded amid the chaos when a 23-year-old woman, hiding in a subway shelter, gave birth to a daughter. The young mother’s screams alerted the Ukrainian police, who rushed to help her deliver the girl before calling for an ambulance to take them to the hospital.

The picture of the baby’s tiny hand gripping her mother’s in the shelter has been hailed as a beacon of hope in this hour of crisis.


Several pictures have emerged on social media of Ukrainians being evacuated to safety taking their pets with them.

Visuals have also cropped up on social media of dogs and cats finding refuge alongside their humans in the bomb shelters as the Russian army rained fire down on Ukraine.


The iconic Empire State Building in New York has announced on its official Twitter handle that its tower lights would reflect the colours of the Ukrainian flag tonight, in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. German football champions Bayern Munich displayed a similar gesture when its stadium lights were changed to the yellow and blue of the Ukraine flag on Friday.

FC Bayern is supporting the City of Munich in making a stand for peace and solidarity with Ukraine and twin city Kyiv. On this Friday night, the Allianz Arena will be lit up in the colours of the Ukraine flag.

— FC Bayern English (@FCBayernEN) February 25, 2022

As the Ukrainian people continue to display incredible resolve and fighting spirit amid the Russian assault on their homes, a previously censored letter, written in 1917 by a French soldier to his fiancée during the First World War, brings hope for a world at peace: “My darling, say with me, down with the war that separates us and long live the revolution that, in bringing peace, will reunite us!”

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