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SOCIAL MEDIA: The new money making machine!

While we still have some Ugandans who are unfortunately using social media for all the wrong reasons, some others have wised up and are raking in big from their engagement on the platform.

The norm here is to use social media to insult, demean, and dehumanize people they don’t agree with and as launch pads for fake news and malice!

Social media is all about building meaningful relationships and what we need to understand is that big brands will never associate with your if your social media revolves around spreading hate and social media bullying!

Those Ugandans who are using social media for self empowerment and transforming communities are making a killing out of it. A simple example is Sheilah; she is the most followed and paid media personality in Uganda, has over 500k followers on Twitter and over 800k Followers on Instagram and you will agree that’s it’s not easy to accurate such numbers in Uganda. She has over 1M followers on Facebook and that’s why big brands like Coca cola, Centinary bank, Africell, World remit, Movit, Club, have worked with her.
The trick simple: consistency and discipline.

You too can use these platforms to make money and live a good life. Reduce that negative energy on social media.Stop posting fake stories and promoting hate, big companies will never associate themselves with lies and hate.

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