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Telegram channel from zero to 40 thousand subscribers, or how fashionable hardware refused

Now I think that even today it is not too late to start your own channel. The audience is growing, enough for everyone, gentlemen.

Now the channel has 40,000 subscribers and ERR 90.7 (according to tgstat.ru) and this result is absolutely without advertising and money investments.
The channel, by its type, is an author’s one-line: a photograph of a wardrobe item, my author’s description and an indication of the price, since the cost of a thing very often adds an additional flavor to the description.


The channel’s theme is fashion, but the target audience is much broader than just workers in the fashion industry. Among the readers from the industry, no more than 10 percent. So, despite the fact that at first glance the topic is narrow and specific, I managed to attract those for whom clothing is not a subject of study, creation and activity.

There is 1 publication per day, and very rarely, when one cannot wait with an informational lead – two. I protect the reader’s time and attention, I do not want to tire with unnecessary noise.

The first steps
The main disadvantage of the telegram for admins is the lack of a recommendatory channel system. Nobody will find your channel unless they specifically search or see the repost. Therefore, readers need to be dragged in by force.

The first thing I did was publish the first 10 posts and added the channel to the catalogs of free exchanges. There is no sense from this, the only thing is that after some time the channel began to be indexed in the search engine. But not a single person, if I’m not mistaken, came from there.

Further, I wrote on all personal social networks that you are going to go there, comrades, there. I have the most working Facebook (2 years ago I had 15 thousands of involved friends / subscribers there). The audience does not like to go anywhere, so only about a hundred people signed up on the first day. I expected more, I will not dissemble.

But a little later I realized that I hadn’t invited people quite right. It was just a link and a call to subscribe. Would I go myself if I saw this? No. Therefore, the next time, I skrint the posts from the channel and posted a post with them on my personal pages. And now this format has already begun to be repost on Facebook and are interested in where to get it.

It is important to talk about your project in a way that is not selfish and cheeky. Like, hey hey, go quickly there, I need statistics. No, man likes to want. Do what you want. The best way is to ask yourself how I would be personally interested. What I pay attention to, what you can catch me on.

In the beginning was the Word. No matter how you drive people by hook or by crook, if there is a hnya inside, no one will stay with you for a long time. The closest ones will give you a chance and will sit in your uninteresting place until you turn blue, but the rest will fall into fog and very quickly. Therefore, you need to approach filling your blog as seriously as possible, even if you write freaky jokes, especially if you write freaky jokes.

The first repost in someone else’s channel happened (thanks, Alexey “Milovanov Daily”). Another 40 people came. And these were already those who did not know me personally. These people are harder to keep. They will not suffer like your friends. They will dump in the first moment. But on the other hand, there is a chance that they will tell their friends about you, those who would not have come to you in any other way.

With such a quiet glan I scored 400 people. This is a lot when you operate without money for advertising. If every new post is sent via PMs and chats to at least someone, there will be a steady new influx.

The first cases of theft of posts
It’s the internet, baby. When my posts began to get into large publics without specifying sources, I decided to somehow try to protect the posts by adding a copyright with the name of the channel to the pictures. Yes, they are sometimes painted over and cut off, but it still works.
When the posts began to get to Pikaba and Yaplakal, I wrote in support and the moderators indicated the source, for which many thanks to them. Responsive posts have already brought hundreds and thousands of subscriptions. Some types of Dvach, stealing posts, invited me to complain to Sportloto. I am a kind person, just to be on the safe side, I cursed them. Now, when I have a lot of readers, they always write in the comments to the stolen posts where they got it from. Thank you, my watchful ones.

Stable source of subscriptions
1. Domestic shipments. Each post receives an average of 400 domestic telegram transfers. How many screenshots are made and endured is impossible to count, but definitely a lot.

2. Reposts to public pages and channels. Nowadays, reposting doesn’t bring a lot of new ones. Most often, readers of other channels do not pay attention to where the post came from, laughed, went further.

Explosive subscription sources
Sometimes I make memes based on fashion material. They are best scattered on the Internet and bring subscribers even after months.
When very big bloggers publish a post, it generates explosive subscriptions. Or, for example, a mention on YouTube. “Fashion Podcast” brought in a couple of thousand per day.

What to do to get re-posted
There is no secret here, you need to make quality content. You can analyze what information is being published and roughly imagine what has potential virality.

What is the principal