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Tesla’s inflated Australian delivery numbers

We’ve not written about Tesla for a while because, being the financial hipsters that we are, it’s all gone a bit mainstream.

But this article from Australian automotive magazine Drive made us go “hmmmm” this morning (with our emphasis):

Tesla Australia has done a U-turn over yesterday’s bold claim 15,000 examples of the Tesla Model 3 were sold last year – a figure that would have scuppered the Toyota Camry’s unbeaten 28-year reign in the mid-size sedan class.

“While the massive year-on-year leap reported was correct, there was an error in the numbers the (Electric Vehicle Council) was provided relating to Tesla deliveries.

“Due to a human error, the Tesla delivery figures for 2020 were erroneously added to the delivery figures for 2021 by Tesla before the figure was provided to the Electric Vehicle Council.

“So instead of 15,054 Tesla Model 3 deliveries in 2021, the figure reported should have been 12,094. Correcting the total Tesla deliveries (all models) reduces the total number of EVs delivered in 2021 from 24,078 to 20,665.”

What’s an extra 25 per cent reported deliveries between friends eh?

Good thing that Tesla’s “founder” and chief executive has a stellar reputation for integrity and diligence that he’s also known to have instilled among his workers.

Otherwise, you might begin to worry whether such errors could be happening across the company.

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