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To my family and to people close to me, I am Batman

The interpretation of what Neymar is like as a human being probably changes in the eyes of every person who sees him.

In the eyes of some he is childish but in the eyes of others he is arrogant. In the eyes of some, his celebration is just an attempt to enjoy life, in the eyes of others, Neymar, the maniac in this party-nightclub, is an expression of his whimsical character. Maybe this fog surrounding Neymar also makes the ‘brand’ Neymar more attractive!

But all this is basically the perception of seeing him from afar. How is the real Neymar? Neymar himself gave the explanation in his recently published autobiography. The 29-year-old Brazilian forward has drawn two main characters from the famous Hollywood movie The Dark Knight, the protagonist ‘Batman’ and the villain ‘Joker’.

Neymar felt the need to explain himself because of the controversy surrounding him. With that in mind, Neymar’s new autobiographical documentary has been published on the OTT platform Netflix. The name of the documentary goes well with Neymar’s life – The Perfect Chaos!

Each episode of this three-part documentary lasts about an hour. Throughout the documentary, the main focus was on Neymar’s life and the criticism and negative attitude surrounding him. The PSG Brazilian forward, however, claimed in the documentary, “I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me. I know what I’m doing, I know how I’m playing. ‘

There is more criticism about Neymar’s off-field life than on the field, and there is more talk about Neymar’s regular night partying with his friends, his busy night life. “I like to be transparent,” Neymar said. I don’t care if they say “Neymar just wants to party” or whatever. Life is mine, here I will do whatever I want. ‘

Neymar has said in many interviews that he does not deserve so much criticism. The Brazilian superstar said the same thing in the documentary, ‘Criticism does not mean listening. They criticize me more than I deserve. It’s hard to accept. ”

That’s why Neymar only wants to enjoy life with his family, close friends and teammates. People close to him seem to know him best.

And how is that Neymar seen by the people nearby? The Brazilian star draws examples of the two characters in The Dark Knight to compare Neymar to people close to him judging him from afar, ‘To my family and to people close to me, I am Batman. But if you don’t know me, I’m a joker to you! ‘