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Twitter mocks Sidney Powell’s ‘alien body snatcher’-like answers in bizarre interview about false election claims

Twitter users are having a field day over a bizarre interview with former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell, during which she briefly stormed off set, asked the reporter if she worked for a voting machine company, and at one point uttered the words “I’ve been in me a long time.”

Ms Powell is perhaps best known as one of Donald Trump’s most zealous lawyers in the aftermath of the 2020 election, which the former president falsely said had been stolen. At press conferences and in court, Ms Powell pushed numerous debunked conspiracy theories about the vote, at one point publicly pledging to “release the Kraken” of new fraud evidence.

In an interview for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, reporter Sarah Ferguson grilled Ms Powell about her claims. In particular, Ms Ferguson zeroed in on two voting machine companies – Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems – that are currently suing Ms Powell for defamation.

“What research or fact-checking did you do at the time to find out what Smartmatic’s actual involvement in the election was?” the journalist asked.

“Do you work for Smartmatic?” Ms Powell shot back. “I mean, I’m confused right now about why you’re here.”

“Because you’ve made a series of very strong allegations against Smartmatic and against Dominion, containing many errors of fact,” Ms Ferguson patiently explained.

The interview went even further downhill from there.

“You said that Smartmatic owns Dominion. How do you justify such a basic factual error?” Ms Ferguson asked. (Smartmatic does not own Dominion.)

“I’m gonna stop this interview,” Ms Powell responded. “It’s wholly inappropriate in the litigation that we’re in.”

“We’re not even in the area of great dispute,” the Australian journalist protested. “These are the simple facts of who owns what.”

“No, we’re done,” Ms Powell replied, getting up to leave.

On Twitter, where video clips of the interview quickly went viral, viewers praised Ms Ferguson’s tough line of questioning, and wondered aloud about how Ms Powell’s lawsuits will go.

“Wow! That’s just brilliant!” one user wrote. “If Sidney can’t handle a journalist asking her factual questions then how the hell is she going to behave on the witness stand?”

“The Kraken retreated to her emotional support dog when asked very fundamental questions by a journalist,” another commented, apparently referring to the small shih tzu Ms Powell kept petting during the interview. “She is not going to fare well when she is put under oath, in court, with no emotional support pet, and grilled by seasoned federal prosecutors with receipts.”

After some coaxing off-set, Ms Powell later returned for more questions. These didn’t go much better for her.

“It was essentially a bloodless coup where they took over the presidency of the United States without a single shot being fired,” Ms Powell said at one point.

“Who’s ‘they’ in that sentence?” Ms Ferguson asked.

“I don’t know who all the ‘they’ are,” the former Trump lawyer replied. “I would really like to know the answer to that. But it’s a significant number of ‘they,’ and they knew exactly what they were doing.”

Ms Ferguson then moved in for the kill.

“Do you ever hear yourself and think that it sounds ridiculous?” she asked.

“No,” Ms Powell replied. “I know myself very well. I’ve been in me a long time.”

On Twitter, viewers marveled at the strangeness of this answer.

“‘I’ve been in me a long time’ is a phrase I was not prepared to ever hear from any person suspected of possessing sanity,” one person wrote.

“‘I’ve been in me a long time’ is the most space alien body snatcher thing I’ve ever heard anyone say,” another commented.

Another user suggested a follow-up from Ms Ferguson.

“That begs the question, ‘how long have you been out of you?’”

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