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Woman, 57, is arrested after ‘attacking’ driver with ‘Abolish ICE’ sticker on her car

A 57-year-old woman has been arrested after “attacking” a driver with an “Abolish ICE” sticker on her car.

Oregon police arrested the Washington state resident and charged her with felony assault after she attacked a shopper in a Safeway supermarket car park in Astoria in northwestern Oregon.

Ms McLeod’s husband Vince commented on the bumper sticker on Alyssa Cuellar’s red Chevrolet.

Ms Cuellar began filming from a distance. She later detailed the altercation on Facebook. Mr McLeod can be heard yelling: “F*** you.”

Ms McLeod then made her way over to Ms Cuellar and inquired as to why she was filming her husband.

“That my husband – he’s a Marine. He’s not going to touch your car, you little c***,” Ms McLeod said.

“You’re a f****** c***,” she added.

“Great example for your child,” Ms Cuellar told Ms McLeod after noticing that she had a boy with her. The 57-year-old responded that she was setting a good example for her child and said Ms Cuellar was harassing her husband.

She then demanded that Ms Cueller stop filming, screaming: “It’s America b****!”

As Ms McLeod started to leave along with the child and her husband, Ms Cuellar explained to other shoppers that she had been attacked by Ms McLeod for seemingly no reason.

Ms McLeod then turned around and rushed towards Ms Cueller, punched her and knocked her phone out of her hand, and both of them seemed to fall to the ground.

“I didn’t touch her,” Ms McLeod can then be heard telling a witness.

Ms Cuellar can be heard crying as she goes back to her vehicle and calls 911. She recounted the altercation on Facebook, writing that Ms McLeod “ended up physically pulling me down to the cement after I finally regained my things she had previously scattered and broke, and proceeded to scratching my chest, my back, my glasses on the cement, my knee which is also now swollen and bruised”.

Ms McLeod is a resident of Ilwaco, 16 miles north of Astoria across state lines in Washington. Following the Sunday incident, she was taken to Clatsop County Jail in Astoria on Wednesday on charges of felony assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief.

“The victim in the incident, following some concerning comments from a man about a sticker on her vehicle, began video recording the man concerned that something would happen to her vehicle,” Astoria police said in a statement. “She was then confronted by the man’s wife, Moe Mcleod, who verbally accosted her, then physically assaulted her.”

Vince McLeod’s former employer, real estate company Long Beach Realty said in a statement that he had left the company a year ago.

“We do not tolerate or agree with that type of behaviour,” the company said.

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