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2021 NFL Hall of Fame Game Steelers vs Cowboys NFL Reddit Live Stream Alternatives – How To Watch?

Cowboys Vs Steelers

For all of the NFL fans, the current season is back where the Dallas Cowboys will play against the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers. The match will take place on August 5 2021 where the fans are going crazy for this outstanding event.

Additionally, these two teams will be playing at the Annual Hall of Fame of the Fame Induction ceremony. This will be taking place on the 8th of August, 2021. Indeed, when the two giants compete against each other, the fight between the two is bound to be a fierce one.

Date: Thursday, Aug. 5,

Time: 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CT)

Where: Canton, Ohio (Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium)

TV: Fox

Stream: Watch Here (VPN Guide)

Right now, the players from each team are training hard and have the will to win the contest for their respective team. With such things in place, below given are quality ones.

Browse below and choose your respective streaming channel, as early as possible.

Guide To Watch Cowboys vs Steelers live stream officially from any Country

Best Ways to Watch Cowboys vs Steelers Live Stream Reddit Alternatives

Living in a digital space, there are ample streaming options along with official ones for watching a good match online.

For your convenience, we have jotted down some essential live stream official options that you can use for streaming the match online.

Fox Sports

Starting up with the first channel for watching the Cowboys vs Steelers Live stream online, Fox Sports is among those brilliant and quality streaming channels. Here, you don’t have to stress much with Fox Sports as the company keeps each of the things in a straightforward fashion.

First of all, you can simply visit the Fox Sports website, pay for a subscription and watch each of the games online. In such a case, you are bound to get first-class streaming quality. But, on the other hand, you need to make sure that the internet connection is stable too.

More to it, the platform does offer its own streaming app that you can use to your advantage.

All in all, if you are looking for a solid and traditional platform for watching the match, Fox Sports is a quality one, without any doubt.

Sling TV

If there is one affordable streaming channel that is offering better official services, it’s Sling TV. All over the world, Sling TV is known for its affordable services.

Here, you can just pay under $40 and you can get the Sling TV Orange pack. With this, you can use Sling TV to your advantage as the platform offers some of the better benefits.

Among the benefits, a good array of channels is the first one. You will get a good list of live streaming channels along with the services.

Additionally, other than the channels, you will get much profound device support from Sling TV. In such a scenario, you can use their services for endless device support, without issues.

Lastly, to expand their feature list a lot further, you can grab the platform 7-Days of Free trial. With this, you can test their services in and out for a period of seven days.

Once you are comfortable with their services, then you can advance further and grab their paid plans.


Speaking about another better streaming platform that delivers official channels, FuboTV is the one that’s above the rest. Yes, time after time, this streaming company has come up delivering effortless solutions for streaming.

First of all, talking about the streaming packages, FuboTV offers packages at the price of $54.99 for a month.

Now, this is the family package from Fubo which comes with some good channels spread in different categories. Yes, there are ample sports channels to choose from this streaming service provider.

Additionally, the quality of streaming from a platform like FuboTV has to be right on the money. Here, the company offers some of the better quality streaming that’s quite different from most services.

You can watch the contents in full HD with the help of FuboTV. But, you need to make sure that you have a better speed internet connection in such a case.

FuboTV even offers better device support compared to its competitors. Here, you can make use of any latest device or smartphone and the support will be there, without a doubt.

Summing up, FuboTV does come up with 7-Days of free trial offer. Yes, in the free trial, you can test FuboTV services.

Once done with testing, then you can possibly go ahead and buy the paid plans of this company.

Hulu with Live TV

Yet another better streaming service provider to watch Cowboys vs Steelers Live, Hulu is a capable platform. It’s also been running for years now and people have purchased its services due to its lucrative pricing.

Now, speaking about the pricing, you can grab the Hulu packages under $40 which will be the basic package. With that, you will get tons of the best sports channels along with other key official channels.

Additionally, in terms of the quality of streaming from this platform, there cannot be any doubt in such a case.

Here, you will get effortless streaming quality where you can use Hulu for watching quality and the best content online.

Keeping such things into consideration, you can go ahead and opt for the platform’s free trial period offer.

With the free trial, you will get a taste of whether Hulu is a better one for you or not. Then, you can easily purchase subscriptions and watch sports shows with a good streaming platform.


Overall, the Steelers are coming off a good season where they won by 12-4 AFC North. However, the NFL season went off track at the ending for them, and right here, they will be looking to get back into form.

On the other hand, the Cowboys aren’t short of any confidence and they will be looking to beat the Steelers in the current match.

As the situation for fans goes, we have given some of the better official channels above for watching the event online.

With this, you can simply choose any of the above channels and watch Cowboys vs Steelers Live stream online, the better way. 

NFL Preseason Schedule 2021

Hall of Fame game

DateGameTimeNational TVThursday, Aug 5Steelers vs. Cowboys8:00 p.m.Fox

Week 1 schedule

DateGameTimeTVThursday, Aug 5Washington at Patriots7:30 p.m.NFL NetworkThursday, Aug 5Steelers at Eagles7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug 13Titans at Falcons7:00 p.m. Friday, Aug 13Bills at Lions7:00 p.m.NFL NetworkFriday, Aug 13Cowboys at Cardinals10:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSaturday, Aug 14Dolphins at Bears1:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSaturday, Aug 14Broncos at Vikings4:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSaturday, Aug 14Saints at Ravens7:00 p.m. Saturday, Aug 14Browns at Jaguars7:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSaturday, Aug 14Jets at Giants7:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug 14Bengals at Buccaneers7:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug 14Texans at Packers8:00 p.m. Saturday, Aug 14Chiefs at 49ers8:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug 14Seahawks at Raiders9:00 p.m. Saturday, Aug 14Chargers at Rams10:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSunday, Aug 15Panthers at Colts1:00 p.m.NFL Network

Week 2 schedule

DateGameTimeTVThursday, Aug 19Patriots at Eagles7:30 p.m.NFL NetworkFriday, Aug 20Chiefs at Cardinals8:00 p.m.ESPNFriday, Aug 20Bengals at Washington8:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSaturday, Aug 21Bills at Bears1:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSaturday, Aug 21Jets at Packers4:25 p.m.NFL NetworkSaturday, Aug 21Ravens at Panthers7:00 p.m. Saturday, Aug 21Falcons at Dolphins7:00 p.m. Saturday, Aug 21Lions at Steelers7:30 p.m.NFL NetworkSaturday, Aug 21Titans at Buccaneers7:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug 21Texans at Cowboys8:00 p.m. Saturday, Aug 21Colts at Vikings8:00 p.m. Saturday, Aug 21Raiders at Rams10:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSaturday, Aug 21Broncos at Seahawks10:00 p.m. Sunday, Aug 22Giants at Browns1:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSunday, Aug 2249ers at Chargers7:30 p.m.NFL NetworkMonday, Aug 23Jaguars at Saints8:00 p.m.ESPN

Week 3 schedule

DateGameTimeTVFriday, Aug 27Colts at Lions7:00 p.m. Friday, Aug 27Steelers at Panthers7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug 27Eagles at Jets7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug 27Vikings at Chiefs8:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSaturday, Aug 28Packers at Bills1:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSaturday, Aug 28Ravens at Washington6:00 p.m. Saturday, Aug 28Bears at Titans7:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSaturday, Aug 28Buccaneers at Texans8:00 p.m. Saturday, Aug 28Cardinals at Saints8:00 p.m. Saturday, Aug 28Rams at Broncos9:05 p.m. Saturday, Aug 28Chargers at Seahawks10:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSunday, Aug 29Jaguars at Cowboys1:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSunday, Aug 29Dolphins at Bengals4:00 p.m.CBSSunday, Aug 29Raiders at 49ers4:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSunday, Aug 29Patriots at Giants6:00 p.m.NFL NetworkSunday, Aug 29Browns at Falcons8:00 p.m.NBC, Peacock

Note: This is just a guide to watch the NFL officially. We will not encourage any illegal streaming of the NFL Games in any manner. Just follow official channels. The External links are just a guide to watching NFL Games through VPN officially from different Countries through official channels.

Cowboys Vs Steelers

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