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Boards of education deserve our thanks


“I’m just here for the show,” said several attendees at a recent Badger board of education meeting. What? A show?

Members of the school board deserve our thanks and gratitude for the job they have done during the past two years of the pandemic. When this situation began in 2020, States, and by extension, schools, received little to no direction from the federal government under the former feckless and frightened presidential administration, which wanted only to downplay the seriousness of the virus.

Our school board has worked to protect our students, has managed to get them back into the classrooms, and, even under adverse conditions, has tried to keep them safe by setting reasonable guidelines. They have done the job they were elected to do; yet now they have been subjected to MAGA performance theater by community members who, misinformed through Google searches, Facebook rants or Fox News stories, disingenuously act as if they are engaging in “legitimate political discourse” even after public pronouncements of being present only “for the show.”

Thanks again to the people who did the research for factual information on which to base the difficult decisions they were charged with making for students’ safety and well-being. Facing an onslaught of unnecessary, often mean-spirited, politically-based accusations, still have helped students through these tough times. Their efforts are appreciated — at least by this retired teacher, coach, curriculum developer and principal.

The Badger Board of Education is not here for the show; they are here for our students.



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