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Eastgate to seek $25 million for Valley’s LIVE zone

LORDSTOWN — Eastgate Regional Council of Governments representatives plan to seek $25 million in federal funds to help with local revitalization in an area of Trumbull and Mahoning counties called a LIVE zone, or Logistics Innovation and Vehicle Electrification.

Eastgate and Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber officials met with about 20 Lordstown village officials and residents Monday to discuss ideas that the federal grant dollars could be used for, to improve transportation and bring industry to the area.

James Kinnick, Eastgate executive director, said local communities in the LIVE zone are being asked to provide input, because the funds being sought can be used for infrastructure needs, road improvements and revitalization. This would include the areas of Lordstown, North Jackson and Warren.

“Getting local engagement is important, We need to collaborate together and work for a common vision in order to attract any funds for this area which will attract business. We want to do what is best for the region and draw attention to this area. What is good for Lordstown will be good for the region,” he said.

The area under consideration includes the access to the Ohio Turnpike and is halfway between New York and Chicago, he added.

Kinnick said a $25 million Restructuring Americaás Infrastructure through Sustainability and Equity grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation is being sought to build on infrastructure and help create jobs.

He said three years ago an $11 million effort was done in cooperation with the DOT in Youngstownás downtown to improve streets and transportation.

A local LIVE zone is where companies, industry and high-end technology businesses could look to locate. A consultant is studying the region for where enhancements and revitalizations can be made with the federal funds.

“We are looking at how can we revitalize this region with the opportunities that are presented to us. The $25 million could be invested in our LIVE zone and be a game changer for the Mahoning Valley,” Kinnick said.

The federal funding application will be submitted April 14 with word expected on the grant by late summer or earl fall. The $25 million is the maximum that can be sought.


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