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Enough With the NFL Schedule Slop

NFL Schedule

The NFL schedule will be released Thursday night at 8 p.m. There will be a three-hour special on NFL Network and a two-hour special on ESPN2. Don’t worry, someone will tell Adam Schefter who tweeted the news that the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers will play the 4 p.m. game on November 13th on FOX.

Think about that: The NFL is big enough that their employees are promoting a game airing on another channel six months from now, but not big enough to bump a James Harden game.

Over the next 36 or so hours we’re going to see more tweets like Schefter’s. Bits and pieces of the all-important NFL schedule “leaking” as piggy football fans excitedly consume the schedule slop. If you want to know when the Texans and Jaguars meet this season, you’ll just have to tune in tomorrow, but if you want to know when Tom Brady will return to the place he had a really nice meal once, somebody will reveal it with a fun graphic.

This isn’t like the March Madness bracket reveal because that reveals dozens of surprise matchups that are just days away. The NFL schedule release reveals games we already knew where going to happen. The only surprise is if a game is four, five or six months away.

Just release the schedule all at once. All leaking games does is reinforce just how little you actually need to watch the games that aren’t deserving of a special tweet. But you will anyway.