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Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Feb. 7-11:


Duane Lang to Katherine Lynn Pratt, 1766 Barclay Messerly Road, $220,000

Sheila R. McKnight to Michele E. Yanovich and Brenda L. Lane, 5389 state Route 303, $250,000

Karen Rowe to Jessica D. Hostetler and Terry Wallace, 1294 Kale Adams, $183,000


PRI Enterprises Inc. to Brianna Cleary, 1742 Hyde Oakfield, $200,000


John V. Kettler to Benjamin Solomon, 6697 Warren Sharon, $80,000

Benjamin Solomon to Janet Lynn Hankins and William Andrew Hankins, 6697 Warren Sharon, $154,900

Gregory D. Hinchman to Jennifer L. Hilko, 7370 Brookwood, $203,000


William A. Brady and Brenda S. Brady to Guy Blume and Lynnette Blume, 6388 Brianna Way, $495,000

Robert B. Varner and Tiffany A. Varner to James J. Tulanko and Pamela J. Tulanko, 5740 Emerson, $138,500


Maitino Farms LLC to Noah D. Miller and Rosanna D. Miller, Parkman Easterly, $125,000


DSV SPV3 LLC to Go America LLC, 3393 Milear, $42,366

Schwartz Farm Partnership to Schwartz Farm Partnership, Kingsville, $1,045,759


8989 HS Company to Lester A. Byler, Corinth Court Road, $170,000


Wesley J. Sippola and Eileen A. Sippola to Brian A. Brown and Lillian M. Brown, 8028 Brookwood, $152,000

Kelley L. Cassidy to Frances Haines, 205 South Aspen Unit 5, $143,000

Stephanie M. Holko to Dennis A. Beach and Barbara J. Beach, 2150 Whispering Meadows, $203,000

Georgiana E. Hamamey and Michelle Gooding to Kelli S. Morris and Benjamin Solomon, 1340 Bittersweet, $212,000


Geary J. Fleischer to Edgar R. Williams III, 290 Jacobs, $30,000

Michelle M. French to Cory Hinderliter, 25 W.Water, $132,000

Thomas M. Cooksey III to Jennifer Lynn Shute Benson, 8018 E. Liberty, $215,200


Myretta Waltenbaugh to Elizabeth Martin, 5569 Greenville, $77,320


Gerald L. Smith and Patricia Smith to John Bernard and Brenda Bernard, 9383 Ward North, $210,000


NTI Enterprises LTD to FIDC 132 LLC, 1601 Motor Inn, $200,000


Dale M. Barrett to Mildred Barrett, 4321 S. Tod, $63,902

City Management Group LTD to Lisa M. Mark, 6749 state Route 45, $110,779

Kenneth P. Mazurkiewicz and Amanda Mazurkiewicz to Avery S. Qualls and Stephanie R. Qualls, 6501 Woodridge Way, $291,000


Marie H. Schuller to Paul M. Wolford, 845 Connecticut, $110,000

Barbara A. Sylvester to Michael J. Kuty, 326 Grant, $100,000

Raymond Quinlan and Julie Quinlan to Ronald Simone, 1015 Ohio, $141,123


Shelia Lemmon to Brittany Behanna, 210 Mayhill, $135,000

Derik B. Overly to Amanda Mazurkiewicz, Herbert, $102,000


SHR Unlimited LLC to Michael Kellar, 356 Warren, $94,450

Glen E. Latimer Sr. and Sandra L. Latimer to Charles F. Johnson IV, 72 Woodglen, $117,000

Bette Harris to Kenneth R. Bee, 923 Fifth, $46,000


Julia L. Valentine to Bryan Dudas, 5646 state Route 422, $93,000

William R. Miller and Karen C. Miller to Elmer S. Yoder and Ella E. Yoder, 3979 state Route 534, $180,000


Carolyn M. Cullen to Ana C. Briceno, 4756 Smith Stewart, $20,000


Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust to Joshua Merlino, 1508 Adelaide, $28,000

Gregory L. Miller to Jennifer Lynn Williams and Joseph John Williams, 1552 Woodland, $36,000

John B. Taylor to Phillip E. Raptis and Diane L. Raptis, 367 Country Club, $435,000

Joe H. Williams and Marilyn B. Williams to Tamara Bradford and Brandon Taylor, 1478 Southwest Boulevard, $37,000

Marc Beechy to Anthony J. Crew and Teresa M. Crew, 3022 Aris, $55,100

Naomi Rumple to 3335 Holdings LLC, 1527 Francis, $24,000

Janice Scott Luoma to Stephen L. Heberling, 1722 Bradford, $71,000

Donna M Lawrence to Kassandra M. Hemberger and Thomas Pitt, 325 Park, $25,000

Caryn D. Freeborn to Flora Azalea Barbuena Vargas, 1633 Arbor, $27,000

1401 Pine Ave LLC to Steel warehouse of House LLC, 1401 Pine, $1,300,000

Martin M. Gargas to Larry Felts, 2350 Mahoning, $34,000

Lloyd D. Lee and Evelyn C. Lee to Dorothy J. Gorton, 3207 Williamsburg, $80,000

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