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Tite apologized to the Bolivian people for his comments

Tite apologized to the Bolivian people for his comments

It is that before the last match for the Qualifiers that Brazil played against Bolivia where they won 4-0, he held a press conference and made some comments that did not go down well at all. At the time he declared that it was “inhumane” to play at the height of La Paz and there was more than one who went to the crossroads.

“Before giving the list I want to apologize for something I said, I was wrong and I want to apologize to César Farías, apologize to Marcelo Moreno, apologize to the Bolivian athletes,” said the deté de la Verdeamarela.

He also acknowledged that the way in which he expressed himself was not the most correct and pointed out: “The term used was unfortunate in a context that has nothing to do with respect; the context was of physical situations, techniques, tactics that height deprives in a performance, and not of human relations, with that understanding I apologize from here to all Bolivian athletes”.

Not only did he apologize publicly but he also took it upon himself to speak privately with some players, but he did not specify with whom.

When will Brazil and Argentina play because of the suspended match?

FIFA sent a communication to Víctor Blanco, general secretary of the AFA, in which he informs him that the Brazil-Argentina match, suspended last September 5 at the San Pablo Arena stadium, It should be played on September 22 next. 

The deadline is until June 22 to inform the venue of this match.

That afternoon, Anvisa (Health Surveillance Agency) officials stopped the game because Emiliano Martínez and Cristian Romero were on the field, Gio Lo Celso, on the field, and Emiliano Buendía, in the stands, all soccer players who at that time They participated in the Premier League. At that time, people arriving from England had to keep a quarantine for the law of Brazil.