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TD aims to Inspire Women in Travel Asia (IWTA)

The post TD aims to Inspire Women in Travel Asia (IWTA) appeared first on TD (Travel Daily Media) Travel Daily.

TD, a leading travel trade news agency, aims to inspire more women (and men) in the travel industry with features highlighting the incredible stories of women in travel who are successful in their own right – from prodigious top executives who ascended the competitive corporate ladder to extraordinary women at the grassroots level.

Inspiring Women in Travel Asia (IWTA) is the brainchild of TD owner and CEO Gary Marshall and Michaela Connor, Peopleworks Leader at Discova, which is the first step in championing the critical role of women in travel.

Michaela Connor, Peopleworks Leader – DISCOVA

“Throughout my career in the travel industry, I have experienced a common theme, within women specifically, where they often lack confidence in putting their hands up for that promotion or backing themselves when applying for a new job or thinking they are less worthy of success for different reasons. Throughout my time in Asia, I have heard so many incredible stories of women overcoming hardships and breaking the mould and I thought what if one of these stories can inspire, empower, remove barriers and fears and replace them with a positive force of energy that will help a woman (or man) thrive in this world of ours.  After brainstorming with Gary from TD, who was just as passionate about this idea, we truly believe that incredible women and their stories can have a positive impact on people in our industry and we can give them the platform to inspire thousands of readers,” says Michaela Connor.

IWTA will be run by a volunteer committee, currently made up of people from different sectors across the travel and hospitality industry, committee members include:
Michaela Connor – Co-Chair
Gary Marshall – Co-Chair
Caroline Tapken – Interviewer/Committee,
Kristin Mariano – Editor, TD
Megha Paul – Editor, TD
Chris Head – General Mgr & Managing Editor, TD
Joana Bonto – Director,  JB Consulting
Cynthia Dammerer – Sales Director, Tellmewhere2go.com
Steve Collins – Announcer, Tellmewhere2go.com
Kate Webster – Administrator, Tellmewhere2go.com

Gary Marshall, owner and CEO, TD

Armed with thousands of readers, TD provides the perfect platform to reach women in all sectors of travel. TD will be posting IWTA features on its website and social media channels.

“The passion and idea for introducing the TD’s Inspirational Women in Travel series was not something that suddenly came to me. Throughout my career, I have met with so many inspirational women who forge amazing careers in the travel industry, many of whom started at the bottom. What they all had in common is a burning desire to succeed, coupled in most cases with amazing people skills and their ability to remain humble throughout their growth. TD is proud to be a supporter of celebrating their success in an effort to incentivise the up and coming talent in the industry to aspire to follow their own dreams and in the footsteps of these incredible and inspirational leaders,” says Gary Marshall.

IWTA aims to feature a new story every week, starting with our first story on Suyin Lee from DISCOVA next week.

If you know of any female leaders or up and coming superstars in the Travel and Hospitality industry you would like to nominate, please visit our page and complete a nomination form!

Nominate amazing women in travel


The post TD aims to Inspire Women in Travel Asia (IWTA) appeared first on Travel Daily.

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