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Abhishek’s arrogance, grassroots conflict

The BJP’s infighting is now well known throughout West Bengal. Before the municipal elections, one candidate after another is leaving the party and joining the grassroots. But in the midst of this disintegration of the BJP, infighting has also started among the grassroots. Abhishek Banerjee, the son of the party’s all-India general secretary, MP and chief minister Mamata’s brother, has lashed out at some party leaders. He also hinted at withdrawing from the team.

Why is Abhishek suddenly haughty? According to the political circles, the incident started with the announcement of the names of the party candidates in the upcoming 108 municipal elections of West Bengal this year. Until now, all the elections in West Bengal have been overseen by the Lok Sabha, the Legislative Assembly and the local government elections. They basically talk to the team and make decisions about it. Secretary General of the party Perth Chatterjee, state president of the party Subrata Bokshi and others made the list of candidates of the party in this year’s municipal elections.

On the other hand, Abhishek Banerjee’s IPAC also prepares another list as per the rules. But Mamata acknowledges the list of Perth Chatterjee and Subrata Boxer. But before their list could be published, the IPAC list was published on the website, which led to a heated argument within the party. Trinamool started a statewide movement to get Mamata’s list in different parts of the state.

In the face of this movement, Mamata said that the list of Perth Chatterjee and Subrata Boxer is the list of Trinamool. Those whose names are on the list will be eligible to be the grassroots candidates in the municipal elections. As a result, there was an extreme dispute with IPAC over this incident. News spread in the state that this time IPAC is being removed.

So in this conflict of the Trinamool, on one side the party general secretary Perth Chatterjee and state president Subrata Bokshi and on the other side IPAC and Abhishek.

Mamata, meanwhile, told reporters at the Kolkata airport on February 8 before leaving for the Uttar Pradesh election campaign that other candidate lists published on the party’s official website, Facebook page and WhatsApp had been rejected. He mentioned that the list was signed by party leaders Perth Chatterjee and Subrata Boxi.

Yesterday, Abhishek said in his close circle, he no longer wants to take the responsibility of the team. But he will continue to work at his Diamond Harbor center for the team as a follower of Mamata. Abhishek further said that he would make his statement in a tweet on the morning of February 15, the day after the Goa assembly elections on February 14. However, there was no word in the media about what he would say that day. However, in the last days of the Goa Assembly election campaign, he announced that after defeating the BJP and the Congress in the Goa elections, the flag of Mamata’s Trinamool Congress should be flown in Goa anew. The grassroots will win.

Abhishek Bandyopadhyay brought IPAC, an organization of voter-friendly Prashant Kishore, to the state. He hired IPAC for the Trinamool victory in the state after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, in a multi-million dollar deal in July 2020. With the cancellation of that IPAC list, the distance between the state government and the IPAC has increased.