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Biden will talk to Putin about Ukraine

US President Joe Biden will hold a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday amid ongoing tensions over possible Russian military aggression in Ukraine. A White House official said today. News agency Reuters.

Earlier in the day, Washington said Russia had deployed enough troops along the Ukrainian border to carry out large-scale military operations in Ukraine.

“They (Biden and Putin) will talk on the phone on Saturday morning,” the White House official told Reuters today. Russia offered the phone call next Monday. But we offer counter Saturday. They later agreed to our proposal.

Five countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, have asked their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately for fear of a possible Russian military operation in Ukraine. The White House issued the directive yesterday, setting a 48-hour deadline. The United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands have made similar announcements.

Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) has asked non-emergency workers to leave the diplomatic mission in Ukraine.
Yesterday, US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan warned, “Russian forces are making final preparations for a major military intervention in Ukraine. While we can’t say anything about the future, we can say that the risk of military aggression is much higher now. ”

Immediately after Jack Sullivan’s warning, the White House instructed U.S. citizens to leave Ukraine within the next 48 hours. Earlier, in an interview with NBC News on Thursday, President Biden called on U.S. citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.

The United States and Western nations say Russia has deployed hundreds of thousands of troops along Ukraine’s border. The country could launch a military operation in Ukraine at any time. Russia, however, has always denied the allegations. The country says Moscow has no plans to attack Ukraine.