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Corona Severity May End In The Middle Of This Year: Who

If 80 percent of the world’s population were vaccinated, the severity of the Corona epidemic could end in the middle of this year.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced this on Friday (February 11). News Al Jazeera.

World Health Organization chief said at a press conference in South Africa. Tedros Adhanom Gebreasus said the goal of vaccinating 80 percent of the population could be achieved by June-July this year. In that case, the epidemic will end this year. If 80 percent of the people are vaccinated then the acute phase can really end and that is what we are hoping for.

South African companies African Biologics and Vaccines and BioVac are developing vaccines using mRNA technology to meet the Corona vaccine crisis in Africa. These companies visited on Friday. Tedros adhanom gebreasus.

It is learned that the vaccines made in South Africa will be given a trial next November. It is hoped that the vaccines will be approved by 2024.

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