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Early Addition: Print's not dead, as evidenced by an apartment building's civil war over a copy of NY Mag

Good morning, it’s Tuesday, and we have our latest installment of the “petty neighborly drama [that] keeps New York alive.” Here’s what else is happening:

New Yorkers have wagered $2.4 billion on sports in the first five weeks that mobile sports betting has been legal in the state, which has lawmakers elated about the tax revenue, and addiction specialists terrified about the harm that could befall young inexperienced bettors, in particular.About 4,800 city workers who applied for religious exemptions to get around the COVID-19 vaccine mandate could lose their jobs in the coming weeks if their applications are denied.Some New York Republicans who are dissatisfied with gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin want 76-year-old former Gov. George Pataki to run again. Harry Wilson has also entered the GOP fray. Sheepshead Bay institution Roll N Roaster has replaced its round “cottage” fries with potato wedge-looking fries, presumably because of supply chain issues, and the fans are mad.DeuxMoi, the anonymous Instagram personality who posts pictures of celebrities eating at buzzy New York City restaurants, is frustrated that she can’t get into most of those restaurants herself because her anonymity prevents her from being a known VIP.A new Gallup poll found that the percentage of Democrats between 18 and 34 who “pay a great deal of attention to national news” dropped from 70% to 24% after Joe Biden won the presidency.After a bidding war among publishers, Britney Spears signed a $15 million book deal with Simon & Schuster for a forthcoming memoir.One reason that almost half of this year’s Oscar nominations for acting went to people playing real-life characters (Princess Diana, Richard Williams, Lucille Ball, etc.): nobody knows what good art is anymore, so the safest bet for an awards committee is to judge actors based on their ability to imitate a historical figure.Follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you —sign up here.And finally, enjoy the rain later!:

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