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Efficacy Of Pfizer Modern Booster Dose Decreased In The Fourth Month

The effectiveness of the third dose (booster) of the Pfizer and Modern Corona vaccine decreases significantly within the fourth month of vaccination. A new study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Friday. News from the French news agency AFP.

Although there is evidence that vaccine efficacy decreases after the second dose, there is relatively little information about the duration of protection after the booster.

The CDC conducted the study from August 26, 2021 to January 22, 2022. The study was conducted on 2,41,204 patients who came to the emergency department of the hospital or the emergency care clinic for treatment. In addition, 93,408 adult patients admitted to the hospital with serious illnesses such as covid were included in the study.

The efficacy of the vaccine has been estimated by comparing the rate of coronary heart disease in vaccinated and non-vaccinated patients. In addition, using statistical methods, weekly infections, geographical area, age-appropriate, local infection levels, and patient characteristics such as pre-existing illness are observed.

At the time the CDC conducted the study, coronary amorphous types dominated the world. During the study, visits to the emergency department of the hospital’s emergency department or clinic showed that the effectiveness of the vaccine was 8 percent two months after taking the booster dose, but it increased to 6 percent in the fourth month.

The efficacy of the vaccine was 91 percent in the first two months of hospitalized patients after taking the booster dose, but dropped to 6 percent in the fourth month.
The researchers concluded that the protection given by the vaccine made in MRNA technology was declining within a few months of receiving the third dose (booster). Such information underscores the importance of taking higher doses of the vaccine in order to maintain or improve protection against corona.

During a briefing at the White House on Wednesday about Covid, Anthony Fausio, a top health adviser to US President Joe Biden, said that people with low or weak immunity, especially the elderly, would probably need to take a fourth dose of the corona vaccine.