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Grubhub Best of NYC: Tater Tots

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Grubhub and Gothamist staff.

If a restaurant has tater tots on the menu, you order them, right? Like no matter what else you’re getting? Us too. What’s not to love about grated potatoes rolled into little rectangles and fried to a crackling crisp? So good just plain–maybe dipped one at a time into ketchup or some sort of hot sauce–plus they hold up well under almost any sort of toppings deluge, from ladles of neon-yellow cheese sauce to kewpie mayo and bonito flakes.

That said, there are few more dispiriting dishes than a boat of bland, soggy tots, but after years of fried potato research in the field, and with all of these available on Grubhub, you will not be disappointed when you unpack your delivery in the cozy confines of your apartment. In celebration of National Tater Tot Day, naturally, which technically was on February 2 but is really a year-round holiday in our book.

Dan and John’s in Kips Bay, Downtown Brooklyn, and the East Village

Just because the Super Bowl is over, you can still crave wings. So you should know that Dan and John’s, now with three handy locations, does great things with spicy, saucy chicken parts. But don’t sleep on their tots! These are classic examples of the form–crunchy on the outside, fluffy within, salty as hell–that arrive at your door unadorned, but definitely add a few tubs of “extra wing sauce” to your order to ramp up your degree of dipping pleasure.

Dan and John’s has locations in the East Village, Kips Bay, and the Dekalb Market in Downtown Brooklyn — Order Now

Chuko in Prospect Heights

If you like your bowl of tater tots to be animated like a sea anemone, the popular ramen spot Chuko in Prospect Heights is the move for you. This delightful effect is caused by a sprinkling of bonito flakes, of course (which also add a bracing brininess to your fried potato), with generous drizzles of sweet okonomiyaki sauce and umami-rich kewpie mayo completing the Asian-inspired overhaul of the expertly cooked spuds.

Chuko is located at 565 Vanderbilt Avenue — Order Now

Domo Taco in Crown Heights

The other best option for loaded-up Asian-inspired tots in the County of Kings comes via Domo Taco in Crown Heights. As at Chuko, these Japanese Nacho Tots are covered in rich okonomiyaki sauce and kewpie mayo, but Domo ups the ante by pouring on thick, melted yellow cheese and a pickle-y, spicy salsa. It’s a total tot party for your next Taco Tuesday!

Domo Taco is located at 733 Franklin Avenue — Order Now

Crif Dogs in the East Village and Long Island City

For more than 15 years, this East Village (and, as of 2020, at the Jacx&Co food hall, Long Island City) mainstay has been satisfying late-night party people and weiner lovers of all stripes with some of the best hot dogs in town. And the Crif Dogs tater tots are just as good as the franks! Plus, they’re still totally up to carrying the weight of a mini-ocean of cheese and/or a mountain of chili.

Crif Dogs has locations in the East Village and Long island City — Order Now

The Wheelhouse in Bushwick

This super-relaxed neighborhood hang has been serving Bushwick locals top-notch comfort food for almost eight years now, including lots of messy sandwiches, a very good Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese, a hugely popular brunch, and, most relevant to this discussion, four types of tater tots, from straight-up Classic Tots with a sprinkling of parmesan to the enormous Hangover Tots platter, for which the Wheelhouse’s crisp spuds are covered in cheese sauce, bacon, avocado, and a runny fried egg. And with Grubhub delivery, you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas to eat them!

The Wheelhouse is located at 165 Wilson Avenue — Order Now

Melt Shop in Chelsea, the Financial District, and Midtown West

Melt Shop started life as a grilled-cheese sandwich operation, but these days the mini-chain slings a lengthy menu of classics, including fried chicken sandwiches in several varieties, multiple mac-n-cheeses, patty melts, wings, milkshakes, and, of course, some first-rate tater tots. We usually get the most loaded-up version of the latter, which comes with bits of bacon, a not insubstantial number of jalapeño slices, plenty of their gloppy, homemade cheese sauce, and a generous sprinkling of sharp parmesan.

Melt Shop has locations in Chelsea, FiDi, and Midtown — Order Now

Nowon in the East Village

We first ate chef Jae Lee’s perfect Honey Butter Tater Tots when he was still just doing that popup “Him” at the now-shuttered Black Emperor Bar in the East Village. Well, “ate” is a euphemism. We wolfed these beauties down. Since then, Lee has opened the excellent Korean-ish party spot Nowon down on East 6th Street, and he still offers those amazing tots, in addition to two different, and equally awesome, burgers, a first-rate Steak with Kimchi Rice dish, and some gooey Chopped Cheese Rice Cakes. But get the tots, too, no matter what!

Nowon is located at 507 East 6th Street — Order Now

Krave It in Astoria and Bay Side

One thing you should know: though they’re famous for their bonkers pizza varieties (Cool Ranch Doritos! Macaroni and Cheese! Chicken Parm! Oreo Cookies!) and over-the-top sandwiches, Vishee and Jenna Mandahar’s pair of Krave It parlors in Queens aren’t simply trafficking in stoner food gimmicks. These pizzas are really good, with even the craziest creations made with fresh, housemade toppings and sauces. That includes, of course, Krave It’s Loaded Tater Tot Pizza, which throws whole tots, bacon, yellow cheese sauce, and ranch dressing on top of a slice that’s thick enough to handle the onslaught. Get Grubhub to deliver a few pies like this to your next party, and watch your guests’ jaws drop.

There are Krave It locations in Astoria and Bayside — Order Now

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