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Grubhub Presents: the Best NYC Cold Weather Comfort Foods

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Grubhub and Gothamist staff.

As we move toward the tail end of winter, cozying up with some comforting eats can be key to surviving the (hopefully) last leg of cold weather. There are many nice things you can do for and to yourself, of course, and one of our favorite self-care strategies is to cozy up with a meal, or a treat, that’s slightly extra, maybe even borderline decadent, with delivery via Grubhub.

Albadawi in Brooklyn Heights

The Palestinian party spot Albadawi, which opened on Atlantic Avenue last fall, is an excellent place to gather with friends and loved ones for a feast. But you can, and should, also get these amazing platters of traditional Palestine delights delivered to your home, because not only will it make you happy tonight, this food works really well as leftovers. Get the heavenly Mansaf stew, with its glistening hunks of fatty lamb on buttery rice and layers of saj flatbread, or one of the six-layered beasts, like Fattat Lahma, which stars strips of beef, rice, chickpeas, crisp pita chips, almonds, mint, and lots of garlic tahini, or the Maklouba, which features chicken, eggplant, cauliflower, and potatoes.

Albadawi is located at 151 Atlantic Avenue — Order Now

Isabelle’s Osteria in Gramercy

The kitchen at Isabelle’s, a luxe neighborhood spot on Park Avenue South, is run by Craft alum James Tracey, and the menu here is anchored by a roster of appealing pastas, all of which are very good, very rich, and very satisfying. The fat Lumache with pork ragu and ricotta is tempting, as is the chicken Pappardelle smothered in pumpkin seed pesto, but the stealth winner is probably the Mushroom Lasagna, 15 crisp-baked layers of porcini, spinach, and béchamel, sitting in a pool of taleggio fonduta. Such an earthy delight. And don’t miss the Chocolate Budino with dulce de leche for dessert.

Isabelle’s is located at 245 Park Avenue South — Order Now

da Toscano in West Village

Speaking of hearty, delicious pasta, chef Michael Toscano opened his rustic namesake restaurant at the base of Minetta Lane right before Covid roared into town, so maybe it never got the hype it deserved. But if you want something at home tonight that’ll really hit the spot, this is the move. Toscano’s food is muscular and exciting, and he often brings a dish right to the point where it feels like it’s about to be too much, but then in fact turns out to be exactly right. Everything’s great here, from the Spaghetti with shrimp and spicy salami, to the Gnocchi with whipped lardo, to my personal pick hit, the plump and lovely Lamb Neck Agnolotti, which arrives juicy with “drippings.”

da Toscano is located at 24 Minetta Lane — Order Now

Jajaja in Chinatown, Williamsburg, and Hudson Yards

For a vegan solo indulgence, Mexican-style, the choice for sure is Jajaja, the hugely popular mini-chain that first opened nearly five years ago on East Broadway. Tacos, quesadillas, burritos, chile rellenos, chilaquiles, enchiladas, ceviche, … you name it, they do it up vegan style. Our favorite dish to eat at home, though, cozy on the couch, streaming something fun by myself, has got to be the Nachos, piled almost to toppling and covered in spicy, seitan-based chorizo, funky, fermented black beans, and creamy, turmeric queso fundido. Go for broke and get a big blob of Jajaja’s terrific guacamole on top. Plant-based or no, these are some of the best nachos in NYC.

Jajaja has locations in Chinatown, Williamsburg, and Hudson Yards — Order Now

Fan-Fan Doughnuts in Bed-Stuy

Not all indulgences happen at night. Morning pleasures can be just as fulfilling, if not more so! And one easy way to start your day feeling loved and pampered is to order in a box of Fany Gerson’s best-in-town doughnuts from her beloved Bed-Stuy corner shop, Fan-Fan. These beauties explode with big flavors, are surprisingly light and airy, and a few current favorites include the Danny Boy, a.k.a. Salted Brown Butter Caramel, studded with pecans; the Guava and Cheese eclair; the simple Glaze Braid, which allows Gerson’s chewy, buttery pastry to really shine; and the sprightly Lemon Lime, complete with candied peel. Get a half dozen, make a pot of coffee, and you’ve got all the makings for a cozy winter morning

Fan-Fan Doughnuts is located at 448 Lafayette Avenue — Order Now

Golden Diner in Chinatown

For all-day solo comfort nothing beats a diner, and for nearly three years now, Sam Yoo’s incredible Golden Diner has been absolutely killing it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner down under the Manhattan Bridge on Madison Street. The Honey Butter Pancakes will buckle your knees, the special Sujebi Cacio e Pepe brings fresh thrills to that stalwart pasta dish, the Matzoh Ball Soup will warm your insides, and Sam’s Tuna Melt, complete with potato chips stuffed inside, is pure sandwich heaven.

Golden Diner is located at 123 Madison Street — Order Now

Bubby’s in Tribeca

Longtime Tribeca favorite Bubby’s isn’t technically a diner, but the menu hits all the same the notes of everybody’s favorite restaurant genre. By which we mean, there are many, many good choices here to order in for your next solo meal at home. The Bubby’s Burger is great, the Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf with mashed potatoes is a wonderful dining companion, and any and all of Bubby’s famous slices of pie are guaranteed to make you feel good inside. And for your next lounge-y weekend late morning, reveling in being single and free? Get the Pancakes, 100%.

Bubby’s is located at 120 Hudson Street — Order Now

Sugar Hill Creamery in Harlem

Whether shared or solo, an ice cream Sunday screams indulgent. Especially when you have Harlem’s great Sugar Hill Creamery nearby, ready to deliver scoops, sundaes, and shakes right to your door. The Salted Caramel Crunch is a must-get, the Guava Questio will make you wish more places used this tropical fruit on the regular, and the Citrus, Almond, and Rum Cake is a total party in a bowl. Plus, right now Sugar Hill is scooping their phenomenal black Licorice flavor! What a time to be alive.

Sugar Hill Creamery is located at 184 Lenox Avenue — Order Now

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