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Russia could launch an operation in Ukraine at any time: United States

The Western world has long claimed that Moscow was on the verge of an invasion of Ukraine. The United States has said the operation could begin at any time. The White House has called on U.S. citizens to leave Ukraine immediately. News from the BBC.

The announcement came from the White House on Friday, local time. The United States has said Russia’s offensive could be launched from the air. It will be as difficult to leave Ukraine as it will endanger the lives of civilians.

The Kremlin has long rallied millions of troops along the Ukrainian border. In retaliation, NATO, a Western military alliance, has stepped up its military presence in Eastern Europe. All in all, war is raging in Europe. Russia has said in the past that it has no plans to intervene in Ukraine.


Jack Sullivan, the US National Security Adviser, warned yesterday that Russia was preparing for a major military intervention in Ukraine. While we can’t say anything about the future, we can say that the risk of military aggression is much higher now. ”

Immediately after Jack Sullivan’s warning, the White House instructed U.S. citizens to leave Ukraine within the next 48 hours. Earlier, in an interview with NBC News on Thursday, President Biden called on U.S. citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.

Meanwhile, various media reports say that the United States is removing diplomatic officials from the Ukrainian capital Kiev in fear of a Russian attack. They will be placed further west near the Polish border.

Moscow is also considering Russian diplomats stationed in Ukraine. A spokesman for Russia’s foreign ministry said a decision had been made to reduce the number of their diplomats in Kiev. They could be provoked by Ukraine or any other party – fear the Kremlin.

However, the United Kingdom has said it will not walk the path of the United States and Russia with diplomats. The British ambassador to Ukraine, Melinda Simmons, said in a tweet that she and her group of diplomats would be in Kiev.

Meanwhile, as tensions in the Western world surrounding Ukraine escalate, diplomatic meetings are being held intermittently. In that series, US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Makhon are scheduled to hold phone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday.

“They (Biden and Putin) will talk on the phone on Saturday morning,” a White House official told Reuters. Russia offered the phone call next Monday. But we offer counter Saturday. They later agreed to our proposal.