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The historic bridge is being demolished because the Bezos will sail

In the midst of the ongoing tensions over the Ukraine issue, the Western world is united to stop Russia. Allies, including Washington, have announced plans to step up military operations across Europe to control Moscow. As part of this, US military equipment has begun arriving in Poland, the Polish Defense Ministry said on Friday. The equipment is being sent to Europe to bolster the eastern fleet of the Western military alliance NATO. News Reuters

Russia has long deployed millions of troops along the border with neighboring Ukraine. The West claims that Moscow’s crackdown on the country is part of a wider campaign. Despite repeated demands from Russia, the West is reluctant to comply. In the wake of this, US President Joe Biden announced last Wednesday that the country would deploy about 3,000 troops in Eastern Europe to handle Russia.

Defense Secretary Mariusz Blaszczyk has confirmed that US troops will be sent to Poland. He said on Wednesday that about 1,600 troops were expected to arrive in Poland from the Fort Bragg military base in the US state of North Carolina. They will stay in the country temporarily. The Pentagon has said the same thing. At the same time, about 300 US troops will be deployed in Germany.

Meanwhile, after the announcement on Wednesday evening, the Polish defense minister said on Thursday evening that an “advance team” of the US military had arrived in Poland. He also made a post on Twitter about this. “This is a clear sign of solidarity between the Allies,” wrote Minister Marius Blaszack, attaching multiple images to the post of military personnel unloading military equipment from a C-130 Hercules model transport aircraft.

The arrival of US military equipment in Poland was also reported by a Polish television channel called TVN24. So far, six US planes have landed in Poland, according to media reports. Military equipment was seen being unloaded from two U.S. aircraft, according to information released by the television channel last Friday.

Meanwhile, about 4,500 US troops are already stationed in Poland. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Reuters did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A historic bridge is being demolished in the Netherlands so that a luxury pleasure boat built for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos can run smoothly. The bridge is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Rotterdam authorities have confirmed the bridge was demolished.
The Dutch company Oceanco is building the luxurious pleasure boat of Khabar BBC Online . It has cost a record maximum money to build. Jeff Bezos joined last year. The length of the pleasure boat made for Bezos is 417 feet or 128 meters. It is so long that it will not be able to pass under the bridge called Kingshaven.

A spokesman for the mayor of Rotterdam confirmed to reporters that Bezos would pay for the demolition of the bridge through Oceanco.

The first report on the issue was published in the Dutch media last Tuesday. The report said the middle part of the bridge, locally known as De Haif, would be temporarily demolished to allow the 130-foot (40-meter) high-rise luxury cruise ship built for the Bezos to operate.