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A mouse was hungry, so he went inside a hospital and started chewing plants

An apparently hungry moose caused quite a stir Thursday when it walked through the doors of Alaska’s largest hospital in Anchorage — and started munching on plants in the lobby.

Video posted on social media shows the young rat casually chewing leaves as security guards approach the rat inside Providence Alaska Medical Center.

“We have a moose in the hospital, guys,” said a witness in a video posted on Facebook. “It’s just cold. Hungry.”


A moose wanders through the lobby of a Providence hospital in Anchorage on Thursday, April 6, 2023.

Providence Alaska

“This is the best,” another is heard saying. “Like, what’s the code for that?”

Although wildlife sightings are a common occurrence on hospital campuses, there is no code for when a rat enters a building, Providence Alaska spokesman Michal Canfield told CBS News.

“Moose roam year-round and we see an occasional bear in the summer months,” Canfield said, mostly without incident. “This is the first time in recent memory that a mouse has come in.”

The security team is seen on video moving furniture around – and eventually manages to get the moose back outside. A few could be heard cheering as the moose exited through the automatic doors.

After finding a patch of grass, it settles down for a nap, according to Canfield.

This isn’t the first time a moose has found its way inside an Anchorage medical facility. A similar encounter took place in January 2019 when A moose roams the Alaska Regional Hospital.

CBS Anchorage affiliate KYES reported earlier this week that a woman was recently stunned when she let her dog out — leaving the door a crack — only to return to find a moose munching on plants inside the house.

“I think I looked at it for three to four seconds it really felt like he was really in my house,” Barbara Nickels told the station.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game warns that although moose are considered friendly and gentle, sometimes they can become dangerous.

During the fall mating season — or “in rut” — moose can be aggressive toward humans. In late spring and summer, moose with young calves are very protective and will attack humans who come too close. Additionally, moose see dogs as a threat.

Officials say more people are injured in Alaska than bears each year.

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