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Considering pet insurance? These dog breeds can benefit

Newfoundland owners may find pet insurance especially helpful.

Matthias Ahrens

Known for today’s economic climate Inflation And a looming recession, consumers need to be especially careful about how they spend their money. All financial products and services should be carefully analyzed in a cost-benefit analysis. This is especially true for insurance products like this the life, automatic And pets. Consumers need to do their research and understand the benefits and potential pitfalls to get the most out of this type of insurance.

Pet insurance, in particular, can be advantageous to a wide group of pet owners. Owners can secure coverage for medical issues, treatments and vet visits for a moderate monthly premium to a provider. While this unique type of insurance can be helpful for millions of cat and dog owners, it can be especially beneficial for select owners Dog breeds.

Owners of these breeds can often experience more health problems (at a higher price point). In these cases, pet insurance can be a helpful, if not essential, way to pay for the growing expenses.

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Dog breeds that can benefit from pet insurance

Here are five dog breeds that can benefit from pet insurance.


This large dog, which can weigh over 150 pounds, is known for its friendly demeanor but is also known for multiple hereditary health problems as it ages. Kidney stones, narrowing of the heart valves, and hip and elbow dysplasia are all possible. In these instances, a pet insurance policy can be valuable to offset the inevitable medical expenses that will arise as your pet grows.

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Bordeaux Mastiff

This dog breed is also in the 140- to 150-pound weight range and comes with its own inherent health issues. This can range from aortic stenosis (a type of heart disease) to your own struggles with hip dysplasia. Like the Newfoundland, pet insurance for this dog breed can be on the more expensive side, but it can be worth it if the costs for care and treatment are excessive.

Jack Russell Terriers

This lively and playful dog breed may not be the first one that comes to mind when considering a pet insurance plan but they can still benefit from having one. This dog breed can suffer from congenital myasthenic syndrome, an inherited neuromuscular disorder. They are more likely to develop mast cell tumors, which usually require immediate removal.

English Bulldog

English Bulldogs and their French counterparts can be anything The most popular dog Currently there are but their popular facial features bring breathing problems. In particular, they may suffer from Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS), which makes it difficult to breathe. English Bulldogs are also notorious for skin and ear problems and may require treatment for their eyes, all of which a pet insurance policy can help with.

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German Shepherds

Like the Newfoundland and Dogue de Bordeaux breeds, German Shepherds can also suffer from health problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia. They may also suffer from swelling and eye problems as they age. While pet insurance won’t fully pay for all of these items, it can be advantageous to offset the ultimately higher costs of care and treatment.

Bottom line

This list is not complete. Dozens of dog breeds (and the cat) can benefit from a robust pet insurance plan. But if you own one of the five dog breeds above, or are planning to buy or adopt one of these dogs soon, a pet insurance policy can be especially advantageous. Be sure to shop around to find a plan with the best rates and terms. Use the table below to get started.

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