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Crowds gathered before the coronation of King Charles III

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LONDON — Crowds gathered outside Buckingham Palace ahead of King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday and guests arrived at London’s Westminster Abbey, where the ceremony was scheduled to take place.

Despite cloudy skies and drizzling rain, thousands of people camped out overnight or turned out early in the morning along the procession route and designated viewing areas, including friends Bryant and Alicia, from Mobile Alabama, who arrived in London on Thursday to join the celebration. .

“I’ve followed the royal family since Will and Kate’s wedding, and I was looking forward to the coronation one day, and so she came with me,” Alicia told CBS News.

“We met some great friends,” Bryant said.


Bryant and Alicia, friends from Mobile, Alabama, speak to CBS News on The Mall near Buckingham Palace in central London, hours before the coronation of King Charles III on May 6, 2023.

CBS News

“It’s beautiful, especially all the people around the world!” Alicia said.

Dennis also arrived Thursday from Fall River, Massachusetts and was camping to reserve a good viewing spot.

“I love the royal family and have followed them for years and wanted to be a part of this history,” he told CBS News.

He said he thought King Charles would be a good king.

“I think she’ll follow in her mom’s footsteps, with a little tweak. Put her own spin on it, but she’s a traditionalist,” he told CBS News.

Asked what is special about the British royal family, Denise said she has always felt a connection to them. “I’ve always said I was born on the wrong side of the pond,” he told CBS News. “I always liked them.”

Coronation of King Charles III

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