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Lori Valo Debell will not face the death penalty in the upcoming trial, the judge rules

A woman has been charged with conspiracy and murder His two children and the death of his new husband’s late wife And will not face the death penalty, the judge ruled on Tuesday.

Lori Valo Debell is scheduled to stand trial on April 3.

Both she and Chad Debell — her new husband — have not guilty Vallo is charged with murder, conspiracy and grand theft in connection with the deaths of Debell’s children — 7-year-olds Joshua “JJ” Vallo and Tylee Ryan, last seen days before her 17th birthday. They are also charged in connection with the October 2019 death of Tammy Debell, Chad Debell’s late wife.


Chad Debell and Lori Valo Debell

Prosecutors had sought the death penalty for both defendants, but Valo Debel’s attorneys said it should be taken off the table in his case because they will not have time to review the voluminous evidence that has turned up in recent weeks.

During a hearing Tuesday morning, 7th District Judge Steven Boyce agreed. He noted that Valo Debelle had not waived his right to a speedy trial, so the process could not be rescheduled to give his defense team enough time to review the evidence.

However, the death penalty still applies to Chad Debell. The two were originally to be tried together, but Boyce earlier this month granted a motion by Chad Debell’s attorneys to sever the trials. Chad Debell’s trial has not yet been rescheduled.

In January, Boyce blocked the two face to face To discuss trial strategy.

Prosecutors say the couple used Doomsday-centered religious beliefs It was part of a plot to carry out the plan to kill the children and Tammy Debell and steal Social Security funds and insurance money.

Idaho law enforcement officials began investigating the couple in November 2019 after extended family members reported the children missing. During that time, police say the couple lied about the children’s whereabouts. Their bodies were later buried on Chad Debell’s property in rural Idaho.

The couple married just two weeks after Chad Debell’s previous wife, Tammy Debell, died unexpectedly. Tammy Debell’s death was initially reported as natural causes, but investigators exhumed her body as suspicious after Chad Debell quickly remarried.

Valo is debel Separately charged in Arizona with conspiracy to commit murder Related to the July 2019 death of her previous husband, Charles Vallo. He was shot and killed by Valo Debell’s brother, Alex Cox, who claimed it was in self-defense.

The Arizona legal process is on hold while the Idaho case is pending.

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