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NuFace Mother’s Day Sale: Save 20% on These CBS Essentials-Favorite Facial Toning Devices and Gift Sets for Mom


If you’re looking to upgrade your skin care routine, you’re in luck. The Nuface Mother’s Day Sale is on now. The retailer is offering 20% ​​off, including price cuts on best-selling sets that include the brand’s popular skin toners, serums and devices.

Want to save big on NuFace products? you hurry Sale ends Thursday, May 4. Buy NuFace now and get a deal on NuFace’s popular facial toner device — a CBS Essentials is a favorite — or find the perfect skincare gift set for Mother’s Day.

Top products in this article:

Check out all NuFace Mother’s Day deals

Nuface Trinity+ Supercharged Skincare Set, $316 (down from $395)

NuFace Mini+ Supercharged Skincare Set, $196 (down from $245)

NuFace is best known for its innovative skincare devices. Popular devices use electrical microcurrents to stimulate your face for tighter skin. The brand’s skincare products are designed to complement the devices for added hydration, radiance and firming.

To help you sort through all the great savings available at NuFace, we’ve rounded up the best deals on top-rated devices, sets and more.

No coupon code is required to score this beauty deal. But hurry: these NuFace deals only last until Thursday, May 4.

The best NuFace Mother’s Day deals

If you don’t have a NuFace device yet, the NuFace Mother’s Day sale is a great time to get one. Beginners may want to start with one of these device starter sets. They provide everything you need to try NuFace’s device system and compatible skincare products.

Nuface Trinity+ Supercharged Skincare Set: $316

NuFace TRINITY+ Supercharged Skincare Routine


The Nuface Trinity+ Supercharged Skincare Set is a great option for first-time Nuface users. The portable Trinity toning device stimulates the face with an FDA-cleared microcurrent treatment that promises to improve contour and skin tone while reducing wrinkles.

This set also includes a supercharged skincare trio with two applicators and a brush. Aqua Gel Activator that conducts microcurrents from your device to facial muscles to help NuFace devices deliver desired results. It is designed to keep your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. The set also contains Silk Crème Activator which is geared towards firming and brightening the skin rather than hydration.

Nuface Trinity+ Supercharged Skincare Set, $316 (down from $395)

NuFace Trinity+ with lip and eye attachment: $396



Grab the best-selling Nuface Trinity device with dual-wand functional lip and eye attachment for targeted treatment around the lips and eyes.

NuFace Trinity+ with lip and eye attachment, $396 (reduced from $495)

NuFace Mini+ Supercharged Skincare Set: $196

NuFace MINI+ Supercharged Skincare Routine


The NuFace Mini+ Supercharged Skincare Set is a great starter set — and much more affordable than the Trinity set. It has a limited edition mini+ smart device in NuBlue (light blue) with two activators and a brush.

NuFace Mini+ Supercharged Skincare Set, $196 (down from $245)

NuFace Mini Ad Fix Starter Kit: $229

Nuface Mini and Fix Starter Kit


This starter kit includes two top-rated NuFace skincare devices. Tone, lift and contour your face with the NuFace Mini device. Then instantly smooth and tighten fine lines and wrinkles with Fix Device. The set also contains Aqua Gel Activator.

Nuface Mini Ad Fix Starter Kit, $229 (reduced from $286)

Nuface Supercharged Skin Trio: $65

nuface supercharged leather trio


This skincare set includes two of NuFace’s best-selling skincare products and a brush. This is a great purchase if you or your intended gift recipient already owns a NuFace device and just needs to re-upload it to the accompanying activators. It includes an aqua gel activator, silk crème activator and brush applicator.

NuFace Supercharged Skin Trio, $65 (down from $81)

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