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Russia has accused the US of planning an alleged drone attack on the Kremlin

Dnipro, Ukraine — Russia Attacked several cities in Ukraine with explosive drones overnight, though Ukraine said Thursday it had managed to shoot down most of them. Russia claimed the attack was in retaliation Alleged attempts to attack the Kremlin in Ukraine Wednesday in Moscow using drones.

The Kremlin claimed the attack was an attempt to kill Ukrainian President Vladimir Putin, and on Thursday morning, the Russian government accused the United States of planning it.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has denied any Ukrainian role in the attack on the Kremlin, insisting his country’s forces are acting only to defend Ukraine’s sovereign territory – despite evidence emerging last week that they were also using drones to carry out attacks. Russian infrastructure, both in the occupied territories and across the border within Russia.

Ukraine strikes Russian supply lines, hits Russian oil depots


Russia quickly vowed to retaliate for the alleged double drone strike, calling it a “planned terrorist act”. The Kremlin said both drones were shot down before hitting Putin’s official residence, but it offered no evidence to support its claim.

US officials are working to confirm the source of the alleged drone strike, but a State Department spokesman said Wednesday that he would “take anything coming from the Kremlin and the Russian Federation with a grain of salt.”

In Moscow, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday dismissed pleas of ignorance from both Ukraine and the United States as “ridiculous.”

“We know very well that decisions about such actions and such terrorist attacks are made not in Kiev, but in Washington,” he said, claiming that Ukraine was “doing what it was told to do” by the United States and alleged that Ukraine’s military intentions. “Not determined by Kiev, but they are determined in Washington, and then these goals are brought to Kiev so that Kiev fulfills them.”

“Washington must clearly understand that we know this,” Peskov said.

Russia has accused Ukraine of trying to kill Putin with a drone


Ukraine accused Russia of staging the whole affair, and Zelenksi himself laid the blame at Putin’s feet.

“It’s really simple – Russia has no victory,” Zelensky said. “He (Putin) can no longer motivate his society, he can no longer send his soldiers to die, and he can no longer motivate his country… Now he has to find any possibility to motivate them.”

Russia launched its own drone strikes in Ukraine in retaliation for the alleged drone strikes. Ukrainian officials said the country’s air defenses destroyed 18 of the 24 drones, including those headed for the capital, Kiev. The capital was targeted for the third time in four days.


Police officers help an injured child at a supermarket after a Russian attack in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson on May 3, 2023, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Dina Plate/AFP/Getty

Kherson, a southern city in Ukraine, was occupied by Russian forces He was kicked out in November Last year, Moscow endured a retaliatory blow. Officials said Russian shelling killed 21 civilians and wounded dozens more, hitting a supermarket, train crossings and civilian homes.

In an ominous sign of more trouble ahead, a curfew was announced for the city of Kherson, which will last through the weekend.

Some voices in Moscow have begun calling for Zelensky to be targeted directly. A general said Kiev had “crossed another red line” by predicting an attack on Ukraine’s presidential palace in retaliation.

Russian Parliament Speaker Vacheslav Volodin said in a message posted on the Telegram messaging app on Wednesday that “there can be no negotiations with the Zelenskyi government.”

“We will demand the use of weapons capable of stopping and destroying the Kiev terrorist regime,” he said.


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