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Should you get travel insurance for domestic travel?

The idea that you don’t need travel insurance when you travel domestically is a common travel insurance myth.

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A lot goes into planning a trip. From the time spent creating the perfect itinerary to the money spent on travel and accommodation, you have a lot of investment to make everything run smoothly. But life doesn’t always follow your plan. When the unexpected happens, the last thing to add to your stress is worrying about how you can make things right.

Travel insurance Can cover you in many possible scenarios from flight delays to lost luggage Saving you thousands of dollars. But many people choose not to, especially if they don’t plan to leave the country. This can be a costly mistake.

It’s a common misconception that you don’t need travel insurance when you travel domestically Travel Insurance Myths. In this article, we’ll explore how Travel insurance can protect you When you are traveling in your own country.

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Should you get travel insurance for domestic travel?

There are three major reasons Travel insurance is worth consideringWherever your travels take you.

You cannot predict the future

When you travel, many things are out of your control. Illness, weather, flight delays and more can disrupt your trip or prevent you from traveling altogether. In these situations, travel insurance can reimburse you up to 100% covered reasons.

“Unfortunately, many travelers have a fundamental misunderstanding about travel insurance – assuming it’s for people who anticipate they’ll have to cancel their trip,” said Michelle Couch-Friedman, travel ombudsman and founder of Consumer Rescue. “The truth is that travel insurance is meant to protect travelers against unexpected events such as illness, injury – even job loss – things that would prevent the insured from completing their trip as planned.”

These things are more common than many of us realize. Travel insurance can protect you from them no matter how confident you are in your plans.

Air travel can be messy

“People are used to not getting travel insurance because historically they didn’t need it,” says travel agent and full-time traveler Veronica Hanson. “Their own experience has taught them over the years that insurance is a waste of money. If something goes wrong, the companies usually go ahead and make it right for the customer. It’s a completely different story these days. The infrequent traveler doesn’t understand the mess. These days the airline industry is .”

Since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, airline delays have been in the news regularly. Statista reports that in 2022, Southwest Airlines flights alone were delayed about 26% of the time. Delays for American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines range from about 16% to about 22%.

“There’s no guarantee that a guaranteed seat on a plane will actually get you to your desired destination,” says Hanson. “A leg of your journey can be canceled without notice, which has a ripple effect. Hotels are sticking to their cancellation policies, which means travelers are paying for rooms they can’t get to due to delays or cancellations.”

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Travel is expensive

“Travel insurance is extremely important, especially if you’re putting a significant amount of money aside for your travel endeavors,” says Matthew Roberts, COO and co-founder of insurance aggregator service MyChoice Financial. “With everything happening around the world, you never know what’s going to happen next. Having travel insurance will help you recover the money you spend due to unexpected events during or before your trip.”

When you forgo travel insurance, you’re taking a chance that could prove disastrous. The cost of a policy can be good when you consider how much you stand to lose.

“Over the years, I’ve seen firsthand the horrific response when unexpected disasters befall travelers who go on vacation without the protection of a comprehensive travel insurance policy,” said Couch-Friedman. “I often get requests for help from consumers who have been blindsided by the loss of thousands of dollars invested in a dream vacation that they failed to protect by purchasing travel insurance.”

Bottom line

International travel may not be the only time travel insurance is worth purchasing. You never know what could happen, from you or your travel companions getting sick to experiencing a very simple delay on the airline.

You can protect the money you spend — and save yourself unnecessary stress — by purchasing travel insurance. You can even make it more affordable Choosing the right amount of coverage And check this out Tips for saving on travel insurance.

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