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Stanford employee accused of lying about being raped twice on campus

A 25-year-old Stanford University employee was arrested Wednesday and charged with perjury for allegedly lying. raped on campus twice last year, authorities said.

Jennifer Ann Grice, of Santa Clara, first reported a false sexual assault in August when she told a nurse at Valley Medical Center in San Jose that a man grabbed her while she was in a campus parking lot, dragged her into a restroom and sexually assaulted her. Her, Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

She described the assailant as “a black male, thin, young, 6 feet, late 20s,” according to the DA’s office.

In October she went to Stanford Hospital for another rape exam and told the nurse conducting the exam that she was returning to her office from lunch when a man grabbed her by the arm, forced her into a basement storage closet and raped her, prosecutors said. He again refused to speak to police, they said.

Grice also claimed she became pregnant with twins but suffered a miscarriage, authorities said.

“The investigation revealed that she was not pregnant at the time,” the DA’s office said.

Both of Greece’s sex-assault test kits were quickly analyzed “due to the extreme public safety risk of a potential sex offender,” prosecutors said, adding that lab results “were not consistent with his story.”

Woman Accused of Stanford Rape

Pedestrians walk on the Stanford University campus in Stanford, California, on April 9, 2019.

Jeff Chew/AP

In both cases she signed a consent form that the nurse was a mandated reporter who must notify law enforcement of the assault and signed the form to receive government funding, prosecutors said.

Authorities did not say how much money Greiss received, but California Victims of Crimes Board applicants can qualify for a maximum of $70,000, according to the program’s compensation benefits reference guide.

In January, during an interview with a district attorney’s office investigator, Grice reportedly admitted to lying about the rape and wrote an apology letter to the target of her allegations.

“He said he was upset with the victim because he felt she had given him ‘false motives’ and turned his friends against him,” prosecutors said.

Greiss was charged with two counts of false reporting and two misdemeanor counts of making false crime reports to nurses at two different hospitals, prosecutors said. It was not immediately known if he had an attorney who could speak for him.

In a statement, Stanford said Griese had been placed on a leave of absence and that the university would “review his employment.”

“These false reports are harmful, both to real survivors of sexual assault and to members of our community who have felt fear and apprehension from the reports,” the university said, adding that false reports of sexual assault are rare.

“Sexual harassment and other sexual crimes are sadly prevalent both at Stanford and in our larger society,” the school said. “Our strong commitment to providing compassionate support for victims of sexual harassment and preventing these acts from happening in the first place remains unchanged.”

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen called the alleged false rape report “a rare and deeply devastating crime” and said he felt for those who were falsely accused, for the students who had to look over their shoulders and “for the victims of legitimate sexual assault.” One wonders whether they will be believed.”

Reports of the rape led Stanford University Police to issue electronic alerts across campus, prompting Widespread fear and protest Hundreds of students who marched in October demanded university officials do more to protect students.

Investigators also found that Grice filed a sexual harassment complaint against a male colleague in the university’s human resources department in March 2022, which found the complaint unfounded, prosecutors said. She also complained about the rape to fellow nurses whom Gris gave them, they said.

Greece is listed on the university website as the Housing Service Center Supervisor.

In 2016, the university was in the national spotlight following the Psychological Victims Impact Statement Chanel Millerwho was sexually assaulted on campus by a Stanford athlete Brock Turner, went viral. Turner, a star swimmer, had infamously received a six-month sentence the previous year for sexually assaulting an unconscious Miller.

Judge Aaron Persky announced the sentence Repealed by voters In 2018, the judge was the first to be recalled to California since 1932.

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