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The poll highlights Britons’ declining interest in their own royal family

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LONDON – A large majority of young British people – 70% between the ages of 18 and 35 – say they are “not interested” in their own country. royal family, according to a new poll commissioned by CBS News partner network BBC News. The poll, conducted by UK polling firm YouGov for the BBC, sought to gauge attitudes towards the monarchy in Britain ahead of King Charles III’s coronation on May 6.

One question was: “How interested are you in the royal family?”

How rich is the British royal family?

How rich is the British royal family?

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Only 7% of the young adult age group said they were “very interested,” while 23% said they were “somewhat interested,” down one step from previous levels. On the other hand, 36% responded “not very interested”, another 34% said they were “not at all interested”, a total of 70% of young respondents – and age was a key factor in the breakdown of responses.

In contrast, 58% of over-65s said they were interested in the royal family, while 42% said they were not.

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The survey broke down the data by race to try to determine how people of color view the monarchy compared to white British residents. It found that British people of color were less interested in the royal family than white people.

Only 33% of people of color of any age expressed interest in the royal family, with 67% saying they were not interested, according to the survey.Overall, 44% of white people said they were interested versus 55% who said they were not.

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