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The Saturday Six: Concussion gender gap, fake job listings and more

Examining discrimination in concussion research

Concussion research focuses primarily on male athletes, possibly to the detriment of women


The weekend is finally here.

During another busy news week, we reported on a tornado that devastated parts of Mississippi, learning that Some bosses of remote workers They are monitored and learn more about rule changes A new baseball season is underway.

San Francisco Giants vs. New York Yankees

NEW YORK: Anthony Volpe of the New York Yankees takes batting practice before the Opening Day game against the San Francisco Giants on March 30, 2023 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

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one more A Maryland appeals court reinstated Adnan Syed’s murder conviction And ordering a new hearing, we learn why Home improvement projects can be more expensiveA great white shark North Carolina’s coast was spotted, and we report which states have the most — and least — tax friendly

But that’s not nearly all.

Below is our weekly Saturday Six, half-dozen news recaps — in no particular order — from the heartwarming to the weird to the tragic, and everything in between.

The Gender gap in concussion research According to a CBS News investigation, female athletes have struggled. From the story: Much of the research on the impact of concussions on athletes is based on men, leaving women without them. A study published in 2021 in the journal Research in Sports Medicine found that the number of young female athletes being treated for seizures has tripled over the past twenty years. According to a 2022 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, however, 80% of sports concussion research has focused on men. Watch the video above.a Amazon Delivery Driver Goes Viral for delivering a package during a police standoff in North Carolina. From the story: The delivery driver’s dedication to the job prompted hilarious reactions, with one person saying, “Amazon Delivery Person: Listen, I’ve got a job and it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. This package will be delivered today.” The Federal Reserve monitors job openings for inflation decisions. exit, Nothing is real. From the story: For several years, economists have long expressed skepticism about the monthly job opening numbers reported by the government. Plenty of free job-listing tools have made it easier to list a job, while remote work boomed During the pandemic The statistics have been pushed even further, leading some businesses to duplicate listings across the web. Extracting DNA from half-eaten burritos A firebombing of an anti-abortion office in Wisconsin was used to indict a man. From the story: Federal agents have been investigating for nearly a year who threw a pair of Molotov cocktails at the Wisconsin Family Action office in Madison on May 6. A firebomb failed to ignite; Another sets fire to a bookcase. The message “If abortion isn’t safe, neither are you” was spray-painted on the outside of the building.Sea level is rising And will probably continue to get worse. From the story: The problem with Sea level rise It happens slowly every year, making it a threat that people can easily ignore. Finally, local groups are working to give Uniforms of the female soldiers of Ukraine fit. From the story: Tens of thousands of women have gone to the front lines to join the Ukrainian army’s fight against Russia, and they often wear uniforms that fit poorly because they were made for men. The number of female soldiers in Ukraine has more than quadrupled since 2015, when nearly 14,000 were enlisted. Now, approximately 60,000 strong, they make up a large percentage of the country’s armed forces, according to figures from the US Ukrainian Embassy.

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