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10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (March 2024)


Some of the strongest movies from 2023 and 2024 are now streaming, bringing fresh releases to subscribers on all platforms.
Streaming platforms offer original films that rival Hollywood blockbusters, helping older movies find new audiences and breathe life into fantasy elements.
From intense horror to arthouse sci-fi, the best new movies on streaming offer a variety of genres and captivating performances for subscribers.

The best new movies to watch on streaming include some of the strongest movies released over the last decade, since 2023 was one of the most solid years for cinema since the pandemic and 2024 looks set to continue this trend. Many 2023 movies are only just finding their way onto streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Max, Peacock, and Paramount+. There are also many 2024 movies arriving on the small-screen too, including both movies that had a theatrical run and solid streaming originals.

Many streaming platforms offer their own original films that rival big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. Movies new and old often benefit from being available on streaming services, and some of the best movies of 2023 are finding new audiences as they become available (even if they didn’t necessarily perform well at the box office). The best new movies to watch on streaming right now cover a variety of genres, and thanks to the wide range available, there’s plenty of fresh releases for subscribers on all platforms to enjoy on a weekly basis.


The 50 Best Movies Of All Time

Screen Rant breaks down the 50 best movies of all time, which are based on original scores weighted by rankings from IMDb and Metacritic.

10 Damsel

An Undercooked But Still Fun Fantasy Movie


Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Release Date March 8, 2024

Damsel is a visually stunning yet narratively underwhelming tale of survival against mythical forces. It tells the story of a young woman who, deceived into thinking she would marry a charming prince, is abandoned in a cave with a fearsome dragon. Despite the film’s struggles with a lack of depth, its redeeming qualities lie in the exceptional design of the dragon and the voice acting, which breathe life into the fantasy elements. It’s intriguing watch for fans of the fantasy genre led by Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.

is available to stream on Netflix. You can read Screen Rant’s


review here.

9 Poor Things

The Most Visually Stunning Movie Of 2023

Poor Things

Director Yorgos Lanthimos

Release Date September 8, 2023

Runtime 141 Minutes

Poor Things emerges as a compelling masterpiece, blending fantastical elements with a profound narrative on freedom and equality. Emma Stone’s performance as Bella, who was brought back to life by a mad scientist, is riveting, bringing depth to a character that embodies resilience and an insatiable quest for knowledge. Its lavish production design, alongside stunning costumes and cinematography, perfectly encapsulates the essence of adventure and discovery. Poor Things stands out for its unique approach to storytelling, leaving audiences both enchanted and reflective on the themes of liberation and the human spirit.

Poor Things
is available to stream on Hulu. You can read Screen Rant’s

Poor Things

review here.

8 Ricky Stanicky

A Poignant Comedy Led By Zac Efron & John Cena

Ricky Stanicky

Director Peter Farrelly

Release Date March 7, 2024

Studio(s) Footloose Productions , Michael De Luca Productions , Rocket Science , Smart Entertainment

Cast Zac Efron , Jermaine Fowler , Andrew Santino , Lex Scott Davis , Anja Savcic , Jeff Ross , William H. Macy , John Cena

Ricky Stanicky tells the story of three childhood friends who have used an imaginary friend, Ricky Stanicky, as their go-to excuse for avoiding adult responsibilities and consequences for 20 years. When their significant others grow suspicious and demand to meet Ricky, the trio hires a has-been actor, Rod, to embody their fictional creation. Zac Efron delivers a standout performance as the group’s voice of reason, while John Cena’s portrayal of Rod is both hilariously over-the-top and unexpectedly poignant. Ricky Stanicky cleverly balances its absurd premise with genuine explorations of friendship and maturity.

Ricky Stanicky
is available to stream on Prime Video. You can read Screen Rant’s

Ricky Stanicky

review here.

7 American Fiction

A Satirical Exploration Of The Literary World

Jeffrey Wright on stage accepting an award in American Fiction

American Fiction

Director Cord Jefferson

Release Date September 8, 2023

Cast Jeffrey Wright , Tracee Ellis Ross , John Ortiz , erika alexander , Leslie Uggams , Adam Brody​ , Keith David , Issa Rae , Sterling K. Brown

Runtime 117 Minutes

American Fiction is a sharp, satirical exploration of the literary world’s constraints on Black authors. American Fiction follows Thelonious “Monk” Ellison (Jeffrey Wright), an accomplished English literature professor and writer, whose works are criticized for not fitting the stereotypical “Black” narrative demanded by publishers. In a defiant act, Monk adopts a pseudonym to write a deliberately outrageous novel that panders to these expectations, only to see it become a sensational success. The movie tackles themes of authenticity, racial stereotyping, and the commercialization of Black pain with humor and depth.

American Fiction
is available to stream on MGM+. You can read Screen Rant’s

American Fiction

​​​​​​ review here.

6 Mean Girls

A Remake Of A Classic With A Modern Flair

Mean Girls (2024)

Director Samantha Jayne , Arturo Perez Jr.

Release Date January 12, 2024

Cast Angourie Rice , Auli’i Cravalho , Jaquel Spivey , Reneé Rapp , Jon Hamm , Ashley Park , Jenna Fischer , Tina Fey , Tim Meadows

The 2024 Mean Girls musical adaptation brings a fresh, vibrant take to the beloved story of high school social hierarchies and personal growth. The film is based on the Broadway musical, which was itself inspired by Fey’s 2004 comedy classic. The story follows Cady Heron as she navigates the treacherous waters of high school after moving from Africa to suburban Illinois. While adhering closely to the source material, this rendition captivates with the dynamic Mean Girls cast and modern flair, making it a spirited and entertaining journey through the highs and lows of teenage life.

Mean Girls: The Musical
is available to stream on Fubo. You can read Screen Rant’s

Mean Girls

review here.

5 Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken

Dreamworks Animation’s Severely Overlooked 2023 Release

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken

Director Kirk DeMicco

Release Date June 30, 2023

Cast Lana Condor , Toni Collette , Annie Murphy , Sam Richardson , Liza Koshy , Will Forte , Colman Domingo , Jaboukie Young-White

Runtime 90 Minutes

Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken is a refreshing dive into the animated world, combining the relatable struggles of high school life with the enchanting lore of sea creatures. Lana Condor brings Ruby to life, a character whose journey from invisibility at school to discovering her majestic heritage as a Kraken queen is both empowering and heartwarming. The film weaves a tale of self-discovery, family bonds, and an age-old battle against mermaids. The vibrant animation and clever script make it a delightful watch for all ages, offering laughs, lessons, and a splash of magic.

4 Thanksgiving

A Mix Of Over-The-Top Horror & Absurd Comedy


Director Eli Roth

Release Date November 17, 2023

Cast Addison Rae , Patrick Dempsey , Jalen Thomas Brooks , Nell Verlaque , Milo Manheim , Gina Gershon

Runtime 106 Minutes

Thanksgiving is a wickedly entertaining slasher that takes the holiday horror genre to new, gleefully gory heights. Set in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Thanksgiving kicks off with a Black Friday tragedy that spirals into a series of gruesome murders by a Thanksgiving-themed killer. Director Eli Roth (Hostel) masterfully mixes horror with dark comedy, crafting a narrative that’s as suspenseful as it is absurdly funny. It cleverly navigates its whodunit plot, leading to Thanksgiving’s satisfyingly twisted killer reveal. With its blend of over-the-top kills and diabolical humor, Thanksgiving is a great new movie to stream for horror fans looking for some laughs.

is available to stream on Netflix. You Can Read Screen Rant’s


Review Here

3 All Of Us Strangers

One Of The Most Profound Oscar-Nominated Movies Of 2024

Paul Mescal Gazing at Andrew Scott in All Of Us Strangers

All of Us Strangers

Director Andrew Haigh

Release Date December 22, 2023

Cast Andrew Scott , Paul Mescal , Jamie Bell , Claire Foy

Runtime 105 Minutes

All of Us Strangers is a poignant exploration of grief and human connection set against the backdrop of contemporary London. The film navigates Adam’s (Andrew Scott) struggle with memories and a profound sense of loss after discovering his parents, portrayed by Claire Foy and Jamie Bell, seemingly unchanged by time. The visually stunning narrative intertwines themes of identity, love, and the haunting grip of the past, offering a deeply moving and reflective experience. Scott’s performance is a masterclass in emotional depth, making All of Us Strangers one of the most engaging movies in the awards season.

All of Us Strangers
is available to stream on Hulu. You Can Read Screen Rant’s

All of Us Strangers

Review Here

2 Spaceman

Another Great Adam Sandler Performance In A Sci-Fi Drama


Director Johan Renck

Release Date March 1, 2024

Runtime 107 Minutes

Spaceman emerges as a uniquely captivating arthouse sci-fi experience, starring Adam Sandler in a role that unveils his dramatic depth and range like never before. The film has a visually stunning presentation that leaves audiences in awe. Sandler’s portrayal of Jakub, an astronaut on a solitary mission at the brink of the solar system, is both heartfelt and profound, offering a fresh perspective on his acting abilities. Despite a narrative that occasionally feels disjointed, Spaceman shines through its technical excellence and emotional storytelling, anchored by Sandler’s compelling performance and supported by a strong cast including Carey Mulligan and Paul Dano.

is available to stream on Netflix. You can read Screen Rant’s


review here

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1 Napoleon

Ridley Scott’s Latest Historical Epic


Release Date November 22, 2023

Runtime 158 Minutes

Napoleon is a breathtaking action epic that masterfully recounts the turbulent saga of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, brought to life by the incomparable Joaquin Phoenix. Directed by the visionary Ridley Scott, the film is a masterpiece of large-scale storytelling. Phoenix delivers a powerhouse performance, embodying Bonaparte’s complex persona against the backdrop of his tumultuous relationship with Josephine. The film’s battle sequences are nothing short of spectacular, showcasing Scott’s unparalleled ability to create immersive, adrenaline-pumping scenes. With every cannon blast and strategic maneuver, Napoleon offers a visceral experience, and it’s one of the best new movies to watch on streaming.

is available to stream on AppleTV+. You can read Screen Rant’s


review here

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