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35 Horror Movies Like Escape Room You Need To Watch

Arguably the finest feature film adaptation of (inarguably) the greatest literary murder mystery of all time, 1945’s “And Then There Were None” wrote the book, as it were, on what have since become horror-thriller mainstays. 

Ten strangers, unsure of what connects them to one another, are summoned via letters to a mansion on a remote island. While the guests await their host, a recorded message levies serious, incriminating accusations against each and every one of them. Then, when their number begins to dwindle thanks to an unseen killer, the characters resolve that there is a murderer in their midst. 

Agatha Christie’s masterpiece is starkly rendered here in unambiguous black and white, imparting a stark moral clarity absent from our dirty-handed ensemble cast. Don’t let its age fool you — this classic has plenty of bite and more than enough character-driven chills to worm deep under your skin.

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