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5 Letter Words Wordle Hasn’t Used Yet (Updated Daily)


Wordle, a popular five-letter word game, offers players a new daily challenge with an unused word from a finite list of options.
Purchased by The New York Times in 2022, Wordle has over 1,700 days of five-letter puzzles remaining in its script until 2027.
Players have six chances to guess the word, using strategies like starting with unused words and mastering letter statistics.

Wordle, the five-letter word guessing game that has taken the world by storm, challenges players each day to figure out the winning word. Since its release in 2021, Wordle has become immensely popular on social media and has even inspired variations of the game including Quordle, Octordle, and, for math lovers, Nerdle.

Wordle started on June 19, 2021, with a listed 2,315 possible solutions. When The New York Times purchased Wordle in 2022, six words were removed from this list: agora, pupal, lynch, fibre, slave, and wench. When players connect to the Wordle site, their browser downloads a script that stores all past answers and future, unused Wordle words.


Every Wordle Answer: All Words Used So Far (Updated Daily)

Wordle is a simple daily word game that has taken the internet by storm. With only 6 chances to get the right answer, players may need a little help.

All Possible Remaining Wordle Answers

Wordle Background Blurred With Hand Holding Game on Phone

The following list of 1,739 words is all possible words Wordle has left as of January 9, 2023. Since the script for Wordle is already written through October 2027, it is possible to get the exact date for each answer. In honor of good sportsmanship and fair play, this list of Wordle words not used yet is in alphabetical order instead.

Letter A

Wordle Letter A

abbot abhor abide abled abode aborta abuse acorn adage adept admin adorn affix afire afoot afoul aider aisle alarm alert algae alibi align alive allay alley allot alloy along amass amaze amble amend amity among amply amuse angle angst anime ankle annex annoy annul anvil aping apnea arena arise armor arose array arrow arson artsy ashen assay attic augur aunty avian avoid award aware awash awoke axial axion

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Letter B

Wordle Letter B

baggy baler balmy banjo baron basal basil basin basis baste batch bawdy beard beech befit began begat begun belle berry betel bevel bezel bible bicep biddy bigot bilge billy bingo bison bitty blade blank blare blast blaze bleat bleep blend bless blimp blind blink bliss blitz bloat blood bloom bluer blunt board boast bobby boney bongo bonus booth booty borne bosom bossy botch boule bound bowel boxer brace brain brand brass bravo brawl brawn breed brick briny broad broil brood broth brown brunt brute buddy budge bugle bulge bunny burnt burst bused bushy butch butte buxom buyer bylaw

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Letter C

Wordle Letter C

cabal cabby cabin cacti caddy cadet cagey cairn camel cameo canal canon caput carve caste catty cavil cease cello chaff chair chalk chaos chase chasm cheap check chess chick chide chili china chirp chock chore chose chuck chump churn civil clack claim clamp clang clank clash clasp cleat cliff climb clink cloak cloud clout clove clued clump clung cobra color comfy comic conch copse coral corer couch cough coupe coven cover covey crack craft crash crawl cream creed creek creep creme crepe cress crest crick cried crier crisp crock crony crook croup crowd crown crude cruel crump crush crypt cubic cumin curio curry curse curve curvy cutie cyber cycle

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Every Wordle Answer: All Words Used So Far (Updated Daily)

Wordle is a simple daily word game that has taken the internet by storm. With only 6 chances to get the right answer, players may need a little help.

Letter D

Wordle Letter D

daily dairy dally datum daunt dealt debar debit debut decal decay decor decoy decry defer deign deity delay demon demur dense derby deter detox deuce diary dicey dilly dimly dingo dingy diode dirge dirty ditch ditty diver dizzy dodgy dogma dolly dopey dough dowdy dowel downy draft drake drama drank drape drawl drawn dread dress dried drier drift drill droit drone drool dross drove drown druid drunk dryer dryly dully dummy dumpy dunce dusky dusty dying

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Letter E

Wordle Letter E

eager eagle easel eaten eater ebony eclat edict edify eerie eight eking elate elbow elect elegy elfin elide elite embed emcee enact endow enemy ensue entry envoy equip erase erect erupt ester ether etude event evict exalt exert exile extol eying

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Letter F

Wordle Letter F

fable facet faint fairy faith false fancy fanny fatal fatty fauna fecal fella felon femme femur fence feral fetal fetch fetid fetus fever fiber ficus fiery fifth fight filer filet filly filmy filth finch fizzy flack flake flaky flash fleck fleet flier flint flour flown fluid fluke flung flunk flush flute foamy foist folio force forte forum frail fraud freak freed freer friar frill frisk fritz frond frown fruit fudge fugue fully funky furor furry fussy fuzzy

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Letter G

Wordle Letter G

gaffe gaily gamut gassy gauge gaunt gavel gayer gayly gazer geeky geese genie ghost gipsy girly giver glade gland glare gleam glide glint gloss gnome godly going golly gonad goody gooey goofy gourd graft grain grant grape grasp grass grave gravy graze greed grill grind groan groom grope gross grown gruff grunt guava guess guile guilt guise gulch gumbo gummy gusto gusty gypsy

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Letter H

Wordle Letter H

habit halve handy hardy harem harpy harsh haste hasty haunt haute haven hazel heave hedge hefty hence hilly hippo hippy hitch hoist holly honey honor horny hotly hovel hover humus husky hussy hydro hyena hymen

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Letter I

Wordle Letter I

icily icing ideal idiom idiot idler idyll iliac imbue imply inbox incur ingot inlay inlet inner intro issue

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Letter J

Wordle Letter J

jelly jerky jetty jewel jiffy joint joist jolly juice juicy jumbo jumpy junta junto juror

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Letter K

Wordle Letter K

kappa kinky kitty knack knave knead kneed knife known krill

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Letter L

Wordle Letter L

laden ladle lager lance lanky lasso latch later lathe laugh leach leant lease least leech lefty legal lemur leper level lever liege liken limbo lingo lipid lithe livid llama loamy loath lobby local lodge login loose lorry louse lousy lower lucid lumen lumpy lupus lurch lurid lymph lyric

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Letter M

Wordle Letter M

macaw macho macro madly mafia maker mambo mamma mammy manga mange mango mangy manic mauve mayor meaty mecca media medic melee melon merge meter might milky miner minim minor minty minus mirth miser missy mocha modal modem mogul moldy moody moral moron morph motel motif mound mouth mover mower mucus muddy mulch munch murky mushy musky musty myrrh

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Letter N

Wordle Letter N

nadir nasal navel neigh nerdy nerve newer newly nicer niche niece ninny nobly noisy nomad noose nosey notch novel nudge nurse nutty nylon

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Letter O

Wordle Letter O

oaken obese octal octet odder oddly offer olden ombre omega opine opium optic orbit order organ otter ounce outer outgo ovary ovate overt ovine ovoid owing owner ozone

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Letter P

Wordle Letter P

paddy pagan paint paler palsy pansy papal parka parse paste pasty patch patio patsy payee payer pearl pecan pedal penal pence penne penny peril pesto petal petty piece piggy pinch pitch pivot pizza plaid plain plait plane plead plied plier plumb plume plump plush poesy polar pooch poppy porch poser posit posse pouch pouty prank prawn preen press pried prior prism privy prone prong proof prose proud prowl prude prune pubic pudgy puffy pulse punch pupil puppy puree purer purse pushy putty pygmy

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Letter Q

Wordle Letter Q

quack quail quake quark quash quasi queer quell quill quilt quite quota quoth

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Letter R

Wordle Letter R

rabbi rabid racer radar radii raise rajah rally ralph randy rapid rarer raspy ratty raven razor reach ready realm rearm rebar rebel recur recut reedy refer refit rehab reign relax relay remit renal reply rerun reset reuse revue rider rifle rigid rigor rinse ripen risen riser risky river rivet roach roast roger roost rotor rough rover rowdy rower rugby ruler rumba rumor rural

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Letter S

Wordle Letter S

sadly safer sally salon salve salvo sandy saner sappy satin satyr sauce saucy sauna savor savoy savvy scale scalp scaly scamp scary scene scent scion scoff scone scoop score scowl scree screw scrum scuba segue seize semen sepia serif serum setup seven sewer shack shade shady shaft shaky shale shalt shank shape share shark shave shear sheen sheep sheer sheet sheik shelf shell shied shiny shirt shoal shock shone shook shoot shore short shout shove shrew shuck shunt shush sieve sigma silky silly since sinew singe siren sixth sixty skate skier skiff skulk skull slack slain slang slant slash sleet slept slice slick slide slime slimy sling slink sloop slunk slurp slush slyly smack smell smock smoke smoky smote sneer snide sniff snipe snoop snore snort snowy snuck snuff soapy sober sonar sooth sooty sorry south spank spare spark spasm spawn speak spear speck speed spell spelt sperm spied spiky spilt spine spiny spite split spoil spoof spook spool spoon spore sport spout spree sprig spunk spurn squib stack stain stake stalk stall stamp stank stare stark stave steak steal steam steel steep steer stern stilt stint stoic stoke stood stoop stork storm stray strip strut stuck stuff stump stung stunk stunt suave suing suite sully sumac sunny super surge swami swamp swarm swash swath swear swell swept swift swing swish swoon swoop sword swore sworn swung synod

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Letter T

Wordle Letter T

tabby taboo tacky taffy taint taker tally tamer tango tarot tatty teach teddy teeth tenet tenor tense tepee terra terse testy thank theft theta thick thigh thong throb thrum tidal tight timer timid titan tithe title toast toddy token tonal tonga tooth torch torus total towel tower toxin track trail tramp trash tread trial tribe trick tried tripe troop trout truce truck truer truly trump trunk tubal tuber tulip tulle tumor tunic turbo tutor tweet twist twixt tying

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Letter U

Wordle Letter U

udder umbra uncut undid union unity unset unwed upper urine utile

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Letter V

Wordle Letter V

valor value valve vapid vapor vault vaunt vegan venue verse verso vicar video vigil villa vinyl viper virus visit visor vista vixen vocal vogue voila vomit vowel vying

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Letter W

Wordle Letter W

wafer wager wagon waist waive warty water waver waxen weave weedy weigh weird welch welsh wharf wheat whiny white whole whose widen wider widow width wield wight willy wimpy winch wiser wispy witch witty women woody wooly woozy worth wound wrack wreak wreck wrest wring wrist wryly

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Letter X

Wordle Letter X

There are no longer any five-letter words that start with X that Wordle hasn’t used.

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Letter Y

Wordle Letter Y

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Letter Z

Wordle Letter Z

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The New York Times offers players a new five-letter word from the list of unused Wordle words above to guess each day, never repeating words, so there is a finite list of words left to be played. There are many strategies players use to guess the daily word whether it’s choosing the best Wordle starter words, eliminating vowels first, or knowing the statistics of letters. Players are given six chances to guess the word, being notified of correct letters and correct letter placement each turn.

Having trouble winning even though you are using an unused
word to start every time? Check out this video from
BuzzFeed Multiplayer
, which shows some handy methods for never losing at

As of right now, the script allows for over 1,700 more days of its famous five-letter puzzles, keeping Wordle a popular puzzle game for at least five more years. No matter what strategy players use, now they at least have a reference for which possible words Wordle may use next. With almost 9,000 possible five-letter words according to The Scrabble Dictionary, it is very possible that Wordle will add even more to its vocabulary over time.

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Platform(s) iOS , Android , Microsoft Windows

Released October 1, 2021

Developer(s) Josh Wardle

Publisher(s) Josh Wardle , The New York Times Company

Genre(s) Puzzle


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