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Are Holly And Nathan From Too Hot To Handle Still Together?

Based on what the show has shared on Instagram, it would seem as though these two lovebirds didn’t go the distance once everything was said and done. In the official Instagram update video, the two discuss the state of their relationship on a Zoom call, explaining that between the pandemic and Holly’s higher education goals, it was hard to keep things as spicy as they were on the show. At the same time, though, that same video showed both former contestants talking over each other and saying “I wouldn’t say it didn’t work out” at almost the exact same time while smiling and gushing about one another.

But there’s some evidence on social media that suggests that there’s a little something extra going on behind the scenes. Several Instagram posts from Nathan’s account feature the couple canoodling in different and sometimes far-flung locations. Holly even commented “Never get used to how tall you are😂😍” and “These photos are so special 🥺❤️” and he replied, “can’t wait to make new ones 🤞🏽💕.” On the surface, it looks like they may still be figuring things out — although many comments on those posts and others across both of their Instagram accounts are accusing the two of faking it for promotional purposes. Either way, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that no matter what’s going on, the status of their relationship is: “it’s complicated.”

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