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Azami: Everything We Know About Rainbow Six Siege's New Operator

In “Rainbow Six Siege,” each Operator is exclusive to either offense or defense. Azami is the latter. What makes her character extra special, however, is the fact that she is equipped to erase threats above the defending team, as opposed to exclusively being able to fortify horizontally. 

“Azami is a total game-changer, literally,” game designer Dominic Clement explained. “For the first time ever, the Defenders can actually protect themselves from vertical play, which is something that was never possible before. If you had a Buck or a Sledge right above you making holes on the floor, you were kind of, you know, in panic and you had to run away, you had to get out of there. There wasn’t really anything you can do. But now, you can.”

This tactic is achieved by using Azami’s modified kunai Kiba Barrier, a circular bulletproof surface that can be fired anywhere from the ground to the ceiling. The barrier initially starts out as a gas before almost instantaneously transforming into a rock solid surface, patching up holes. Given her skillset, it’s probably best to camp the objective while using Azami. Your team’s victory could very much depend on having someone with her abilities close by to provide assistance. 

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