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Bradley Freegard And Johannes Haukur Johannesson Talk Vikings: Valhalla – Exclusive Interview

Jóhannes, your character is this devout Christian. He can really seem intolerant a lot of the time, but…

Jóhannesson: Very much so. Yeah.

…he still agrees to fight with the pagans. How did you understand his different motivations?

Jóhannesson: I suspect him of not loving Jesus enough.[Laughs] I have a suspicion he might be using Christianity as a tool to gain power and control over people, to a certain extent. I think there’s also some true belief in him, but there’s also doubt and the sheer manipulation and using Christianity as a tool of manipulation.

The action in the show is remarkable and there’s so much variety to it. You’re on horseback, you’re in boats. What were those scenes like to film?

Freegard: Great fun. They’re as fun to film as they are to watch I would hope. We have some amazing sets being built, both in studio and on location. It’s a privilege to be on them and to work around them.

Jóhannesson: It’s other people who really have the job of making all of that work and then we show up and we are there for the ride and we try and deliver the characters and the story, but it is great fun and versatile. One day, you’ll be on a boat, and then the next day, you’re on a horse, and it’s very enjoyable, the whole thing.

This interview was edited for clarity.

The eight-episode first season of “Vikings: Valhalla” is now streaming on Netflix.

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