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Challenge Rebound: Can Kaycee Take Spies, Lies And Allies By Storm?

There’s a chance for redemption on the horizon for Challenge competitor Kaycee. So the question is, can the standout bounce back to reach her full potential on the upcoming Spies, Lies and Allies?

Kaycee, who just missed the big money on Total Madness, quickly proved on Double Agents that she was the woman to beat. Not only did she and Leroy rack up the most wins out of any team on Season 36, but Kaycee also took out the hulking Theresa in the most exciting elimination round of the season.

But Kaycee, who eventually exchanged her partner Leroy for her Big Brother ally Fessy right before the finale, literally saw her gold-star performance come crashing down during a two-mile race along the Icelandic coastline. In an instant, and not long after the race began, Kaycee slipped, fell backward and let out a scream that was completely uncharacteristic of her. Kaycee limped and hobbled in an attempt to continue in the game, but there was no compensating for her banged-up knee, and she and Fessy were eventually eliminated from the game.

“Everything I went through this whole entire game I’m thinking about as I’m laying here with my knee out of my socket,” Kaycee said through tears.

Now she has recovered and is prepared for redemption on Spies, Lies and Allies. Can Kaycee fight to the finish?? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to the premiere on August 11!

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