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Family Reunion Face-Off: Can Briana And Devoin Get On The ‘Right Track’ To Co-Parent Nova?

Briana invited Devoin to the Teen Mom: Family Reunion with the hope they could get on the “right track” (following their latest Teen Mom 2 reunion disagreement). But unfortunately, the dialogue between Nova’s parents — mediated by Coach B — quickly turned heated, and the installment ended with Devoin on the verge of abandoning the chat and Briana letting out an exasperated sigh.

The conversation will continue during next week’s episode — but before the pair convened, Briana stated her objective for asking Devoin to come to San Diego was to repair their fractured relationship for the sake of their daughter as well as for Stella (Briana called him a “father figure” to her little girl).

Coach B was able to immediately get the two to open up, and Devoin voiced his frustration that they are inconsistent when it comes to co-parenting, and issues are “not voiced until we go to a Teen Mom reunion.” He also believed Nova was confused about their relationship and how her friends see their dads while she doesn’t see Devoin often. But Briana confessed that she does not always trust Devoin to be there for his daughter. Case in point: a situation right before the spinoff series began filming.

“There’s a lot of times that you didn’t; the other week you said you were gonna come after we set up Nova’s birthday party,” Briana said. “And you didn’t come in the morning. The thing is, if you say you’re going to do something, you should stick to it and be committed.”

Devoin insisted he had not told Nova about his previous plan to stop by, but Briana had already told Nova that he was intending to visit.

“So now, Nova’s like, ‘Where is my dad?’ And then I’m the one that has to explain to her why you didn’t make it,” Briana explained.

But Devoin immediately grew defensive (his excuse for the incident was that he had to handle things at his home) and declared his absence that day was “not that big of a deal.” But Briana disagreed. Devoin then opted to pivot the topic of conversation to their 16 and Pregnant installment.

“She said I left the hospital to go play basketball,” he remembered. “When my daughter was born, that’s a one thousand percent bold-faced lie.”

Old footage from the scene was replayed — and the new mom voiced how her newborn’s father was “not interested in being a dad first,” so she decided to not put Devoin’s name on the birth certificate. Devoin believed that his life with Nova began with a lie, and he was “never given a chance.” A brief bout of bickering ensued, so Coach B attempted to get the two back to the primary focus: Nova. However, Devoin countered that Nova is going to think that he “abandoned her as soon as she was born.”

“There’s nothing that [Bri] can tell her that will overpower the experience you give her,” Coach B stated. “The ball’s in your court when it comes to that.”

Briana interjected by saying, “Thank you” and then asked to voice her views, requesting Devoin not interrupt until she was finished speaking.

“You haven’t always been stable throughout your life, so there was no consistent home for Nova to go to,” Briana began. “You were couch hopping.”

Devoin quickly chimed in — despite Briana’s earlier appeal — and said she was lying and that it was only a year and a half when he did not have a place to live.

“He doesn’t like to hear the truth,” a defeated Briana admitted, as Devoin stood up and repeated, “It’s going to come off.”

“Tell your daughter the truth about her dad,” he demanded. “Her dad was not homeless from f*cking zero to five. Tell Nova the truth.”

The episode ended with those words — and Briana audibly exhaling. Will Coach B be able to help the exes re-establish Nova as their focus and get the duo on a healthy co-parenting track? Or will this conversation end like their latest TM2 reunion with Dr. Drew and Nessa? Do not miss next week’s Teen Mom: Family Reunion episode at 8/7c.

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