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Freydis' Vision In Vikings: Valhalla Episode 5 Explained

In the fifth episode of “Valhalla,” Freydis’ goes on a spiritual journey that sees her endure a vision beginning with a young girl skipping through some woods (possibly a young Freydis in Greenland?) before, from a bird’s eye view, soaring over a decimated village. The remaining inhabitants of this war-torn land cry out for hel,p begging that she not leave them behind before waking up. As her mysterious vision continues, she encounters a familiar face from the previous “Vikings” series, The Seer (John Kavanagh), who, even after dying in the final season of the last show, has returned to various characters in visions, as he does here.

Speaking with the blind mystic, Freydis is asked what she saw. “There had been a great battle,” she says. “Everywhere was fire and death.” When asked if she did anything to stop it, Freydis explains she ran, but doesn’t know why. 

The Seer rebukes her response, saying that she knows perfectly well why she ran and that she’s lying to him and herself. “Do you think we are born with all knowledge?” he asks. “We make the tools we need. There is no going back, only forward,” he proclaims, warning Freydis that the cries she heard will go only go stronger before he disappears from view. It’s this encounter that could set Freydis on a brand new path in faith and one that diverts significantly from the one her brother is seemingly headed down.

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