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Here's What Keanu Reeves Could Look Like As Ghost Rider

Late last year, artist @MizuriAU posted some fanart (via Twitter) of Keanu Reeves with half of his face engulfed in flame and showcasing the trademark Ghost Rider skull. From the leather jacket, it seems clear that this particular piece of art is meant to portray Reeves as the Johnny Blaze incarnation of the character. Based on the art alone, the casting of Reeves seems almost like a no-brainer for a “Ghost Rider do-over, following the poor reception of the Nicolas Cage “Ghost Rider” films.

Still, there’s no guarantee that Reeves will ever step into the role, especially given his busy schedule with the “John Wick” movies and whatever else he has in the pipeline. Furthermore, “The Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus has shown a lot of interest in the role as of late — and there’s similar fan art out there envisioning that casting, too. Either way, it would be exciting for the MCU to continue pushing in a darker direction with “Ghost Rider. If the upcoming release of the “Moon Knight” series is any indication, Marvel seems more willing to take things closer to the edge.

Alas, MCU fans hoping for concrete news regarding the future of the Ghost Rider character will have to continue to be patient.

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