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How Is Robert Pattinson's Batsuit Different From All Other Movie Versions?

The essence of Batman’s battle strategy is half James Bond gadgetry, half Bruce Lee hand-to-hand combat. His suit in the comics relegates the majority of his gadgets to the utility belt, which always seems to have exactly what he needs at the right time. Robert Pattinson’s Batman has a more modular and tactical approach to the suit and, according to him, has gadgets built into it.

“The grapple gun is, I think, in every single Batman movie, but I’m not sure how many times he used them so defensively. It’s used as a weapon,” the actor said. “And that’s quite a lot, which is quite fun. Again, it’s very rudimentary. It’s kind of based on Travis Bickle, the gun mechanism, which he has in ‘Taxi Driver.'” The grapple gun isn’t the only gadget built into the suit; there is a very unique aspect to the bat symbol on his chest we can’t wait to see on the live screen. 

“It’s a tool, which he can pop out of the chest plate, which is kind of amazing, incredibly difficult to design as well, and looks great,” Pattinson continued. We’re hoping this isn’t used the same way Superman used his chest symbol in “Superman 2.” 

One of the more curious details revealed in a trailer can be found in Batman’s leg. During a chase scene with Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin (Colin Farrell), Batman causes Cobblepot to flip his car. As the title comes into focus at the end of the trailer, viewers can see a bulge on Batman’s leg. Is it a gas mask, like U.S. soldiers in the field carry? A pouch for more fun gadgets? Either way, this Batsuit is built for function, for battle. Matt Reeves stripped the aesthetics and the romance from the suit, leaving us with an authentic, grounded — and hopefully Bat-nipple-free — version.

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