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How To Unlock Every Cait Sith Weapon

Cait Sith can be a valuable addition to your party in FF7 Rebirth, especially if you unlock every weapon of theirs to give them new skills in battle.

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The party member Cait Sith has seven different weapons you can unlock in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to give this cat and moogle combo a variety of new abilities. Although you don’t recruit this character to your team until later in the game, their fighting style is unique from everyone else. Those looking to make Cait Sith even stronger will want to look for his weapons in Chapter regions.

A vast departure from Cloud or Yuffie in FF7 Rebirth, Cait Sith uses a Megaphone as their primary weapon in fights. Just like in the original game, Cait Sith acts as a support character used to buff allies with various abilities, with some having random effects. This cat on a stuffed moogle is tricky to play compared to other party members, so you might have to learn their unorthodox strategies.

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Where To Find All Cait Sith Weapons In FF7 Rebirth

FF7 Rebirth Cait Sith using Megaphone with moogle companions in Gold Saucer cutscene

Every weapon for each party member is located inside a purple chest you can find in the large regions of different main story Chapters in FF7 Rebirth. For example, the open-world map of the Grasslands in Chapter 2 has hidden items for you to find while exploring. If you miss these weapons when completing a Chapter, the next vendor you talk to will sell any weapon you missed for some Gil.


Where to Find


Yellow Megaphone

Default weapon Cait Sith has when you first recruit them to your party in Chapter 8.

Roll O’ the Dice – Roll a die. Resulting effect varies depending on which number appears.

Iron Megaphone

Secondary weapon you get as Cait Sith joins the party in Chapter 8.

Fortune Telling – Deal damage great or small – or perhaps just get your fortune told.

Red Megaphone

In the Gongaga Gorge near Gongaga Village in Chapter 9.

Moogle Kaboom – Turn your moogle into a ticking time bomb that explodes when it leaves combat.

Resounding Megaphone

Within the Gongaga Airstrip, in a purple chest near a phone booth.

Moogle Mine – Use the moogle to scatter landmines that explode upon enemy contact. Moderately increases stagger.


Where to Find


Crystal Megaphone

Inside a purple chest in the Observatory Treasury of Cosmo Canyon in Chapter 10.

Moogle Magic – Use an equipped summon’s ability. Can only use while riding moogle during battles in which summons are available. Cooldown increases with each use.

Golden Megaphone

Within the Shinra Manor in Chapter 11, inside a purple chest found in the Specimen Testing area near Section W of the Research Facility.

Moogle Knuckle – Use the moogle to deliver a fistful of pain. Increased stagger damage bonus.


Complete the “Esoteric Secrets of the Elders” side quest in the Nibel region of Chapter 11, then trade 45 Chocograss to the Chocograss Collector to receive this weapon.

Lady Luck – Call upon the goddess of fortune to temporarily increase allies’ critical hit rate.

Similar to the best weapons for Tifa, Cait Sith’s greatest tools are the ones that provide abilities that can stagger enemies in combat. However, the use of summon abilities and other skills learned through these Megaphones could all be useful in tough fights. When you unlock every weapon for Cait Sith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you can try each ability and see what situations they work best in.

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