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Jason Ritter Addresses That Gross Pat Scene In Raising Dion Season 2

The foaming in Pat’s mouth in the scene may have looked extremely gross, but it turns out that filming the scene was far from gross for Ritter. During a discussion with DC Film Girl, Ritter was asked to break down what that scene was like to film — specifically, the interviewer wanted to know what the “foam” tasted like (and expected it to taste as gross as it looked).

Ritter began by saying that the closest comparison he could make was to “lemon-lime Gatorade.” He continued, “It was sort of sour and lemony and refreshing … I actually quite liked the taste of the foam in my mouth. I was like, ‘Let’s get some more,’ it wasn’t that bad!” Reiterating how much he enjoyed the taste, Ritter wrapped up the question by saying, “I would have some right now if I had it.”

With all that in mind, viewers with queasy stomachs can feel a bit better while watching the graphic scene knowing that, behind the scenes, the foam tasted like a popular thirst-quenching sports drink.

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